Who is runner Sisay Lemma, biography, age, height, weight and family

Who is runner Sisay Lemma, biography, age, height, weight and family

Here is all you need to know about Sisay Lemma along with his age, height and weight as the long-distance runner wins the Valencia Marathon with his dominating performance 

At Sunday’s Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso, a World Athletics Elite Platinum Label event, Sisay Lemma set a course record of 2:01:48 to climb to fourth place on the men’s world all-time list.

Who is runner Sisay Lemma, biography, age, height, weight, country and family

Within seven seconds of Bekele’s national record, Lemma crossed the finish line unchallenged in 2:01:48. Lemma triumphed in Valencia ahead of Ethiopian Dawit Wolde (2:03:48) and Kenyan Alexander Mutiso (2:03:11), with Bekele, 41, finishing fourth in a masters record 2:04:19. After the race, Lemma, as per Barrons outlet, said:

Once I passed the half marathon I realised that I was running at a record pace and that I had the strength to run and beat the race record.”

Who is Sisay Lemma?

Sisay Lemma Kasaye, an Ethiopian long-distance runner, was born on December 12, 1990.


Height : 175 cm; Weight : 67 kk

A look at Sisay Lemma’s career

Having no running shoes when he started, Sisay Lemma ran barefoot in his first competitions at the age of 17. He was the winner of the 2012 Maratona d’Italia. In 2013, he placed first in the Orlen Warsaw Marathon, fifth in the Tiberias Marathon, and fourth in the Eindhoven Marathon.

He recorded a personal best in the October Frankfurt Marathon (2:06:26), finished first in the April Vienna City Marathon (2:07:31), and came fifth in the January Dubai Marathon (2:07:06).


He did not finish the Boston Marathon in April of 2017, although he finished third in the Dubai Marathon in January and fourth in the Chicago Marathon in October. His personal best time of 2:03:36 was achieved when he placed third in the 2019 Berlin Marathon. He placed third in the Tokyo Marathon in 2020 on March 1st, clocking time at 2:04:51.

His time of 2.05:45 placed him in third place at the 2020 London Marathon. Sisay won the London Marathon in 2021 with a time of 2:10.40

Who are Sisay Lemma’s parents?

Sisay Lemma’s parent’s names are not known.

Who is Sisay Lemma dating?

There is no information about Sisay Lemma’s dating life.