Who is Reece Fox wife of De’Aaron Fox, age, baby, WNBA stats, Instagram

Who is Reece Fox wife of De’Aaron Fox, age, baby, WNBA stats, Instagram

Here is all you need to know about Reece Fox, wife of De’Aaron Fox, her age, career, children, Instagram and more 

This season, De’Aaron Fox has been an All-Star level player for the Kings. He is a key component of the Kings’ surprising performance, which sees them now in third place in the Western Conference.

At this point, the Kings are a complete shock, and Fox alone should be credited for his role.

His success this year earned him a position in the All-Star game and a spot on Team LeBron for the NBA All-Star tournament in 2023.

Who is Reece Fox wife of De’Aaron Fox, age, baby, WNBA stats and Instagram

In what seemed to be a historic game, the media paid particular attention to Fox’s amazing performance against the Clippers.

Fans from all around are now curious to learn more about his personal life after such a spectacular season with the Kings.

Here is all about Reece James, wife of De’Aaron Fox

Both on and off the court, the King of Sacramento is having a nice life. This month, he and his wife 26 year old Recee Fox welcomed their first kid, Reign Fox.


He and his wife Recee both enjoyed playing basketball, and it was through this activity that their romance developed.

Recee is an accomplished basketball player and a former McDonald’s All-American point guard, just like her husband. She participated in collegiate sports for California, Texas Tech, and UCLA.

Before retirement, Recee spent a brief period playing for the Seattle Storms in the WNBA. She had to cut short her journey to the WNBA due to tendonitis in her left arm and withheld this information from the team.

After a week, she failed her medical exam, and the Storms released her. She nevertheless showed her talent by scoring 15 points in her final preseason game.

She continued to play basketball after leaving the WNBA, and she was able to keep busy even as the COVID-19 pandemic was occurring.

Both the Golden State Warriors and the Washington Wizards used her as an intern. When NBA teams hired her, she worked on the player development staff.

When did Reece Fox and De’Aaron Fox tie the knot?

De’Aaron Fox and Recee are a married couple with official documents. They decided to get married on August 6, 2022, after dating for some time.


After being engaged for two years, the couple waited another two years to get hitched. The greatest players from De’Aaron’s 2017 Draft class as well as several of his coworkers joined the celebrations.