Who is rapper Chris King as he passed away, cause of death reason, bio and Instagram

Who is rapper Chris King as he passed away, cause of death reason, bio and Instagram

Rapper Trippie Redd claimed the death of his best friend Chris King in an Instagram post on Saturday with his cause of death reason not known yet

On social media, a number of celebrities and other performers paid respect to the legend Chris King.

Who is rapper Chris King as he passed away, cause of death reason, real name, bio and Instagram

Although the rapper’s death’s specific cause is unknown, there is possibility that it was caused by a reported shooting in Nashville, Tennessee.

Rapper Chris King hailed from Fontana, California. He was also known as Christopher Stacy Cheeks Jr. Through his collaborations with his close friend Trippie Redd, Chris became a well-known name. Along with Trippie Redd, he was a member of 1400 and the Snotty Nose Mafia.

His released EP’s include, This New Almanack and Bexar County. Among his tracks are Trippie Redd, Chris King A Love Letter To You 4 (Deluxe), Can You Rap Like Me, Pt. 2 (ft. Chris King).


Tributes from King’s friends

In their most recent Instagram stories, Justin Bieber and Trippie Redd expressed their grief over the passing of their friend Chris King.

Trippie Redd shared some heartfelt photos with Chris on social media. Chris’s companion at the time of his death, Courtland Young stood up for his friend against gossip and requested quiet for the family as they grieved.

In addition to Trippie Redd and Justin Bieber, 26-year-old industry rapper DJ Scheme expressed his condolences for Chris on X, the original name of Twitter. “WTF, dawg, damn it,” he wrote. A number of King’s followers have also expressed their shock over the heartbreaking news.


What?!?!” one X user exclaimed, while a second user asked, “Damn, is it real, bro?” “I can’t believe this s**t,” the same user commented, while a third user said, “No way… RIP, man.”

Rapper DJ Scheme and Machine Gun Kelly both expressed their grief over the passing of Chris King, highlighting the influence he had on others in his immediate vicinity.


The music business has lost a gifted musician, but Chris King’s legacy will endure thanks to his songs and the recollections of those who knew and loved him. May he find peace in heaven.

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