Who is Noland Arbaugh first person with Neuralink brain chip as video of him playing chess goes viral

Who is Noland Arbaugh first person with Neuralink brain chip as video of him playing chess goes viral

The journey of Noland Arbaugh,the first Neuralink brain chip trial patient offers a compelling glimpse into the transformative potential of neural interfaces and the profound impact they could have on the lives of individuals with severe paralysis

In the realm of cutting-edge technology, few endeavours hold as much promise and intrigue as Neuralink’s quest to develop brain-computer interfaces. At the forefront of this groundbreaking initiative stands Noland Arbaugh who is the first human trial patient to undergo implantation with Neuralink’s revolutionary device.

Who is Noland Arbaugh who suffered diving accident and the first person with Neuralink brain chip as video of him playing chess goes viral

Noland Arbaugh, a 29-year-old patient, suffered a diving accident eight years ago that left him paralysed below the shoulder.

The life of Noland Arbaugh took an unexpected turn when he became a participant in Neuralink’s pioneering research. At the age of 29, Arbaugh found himself at the forefront of scientific exploration and is poised to make history as the first human to receive Neuralink’s brain implant. Neuralink’s chip helped Noland who is a paralysed patient to play chess and operate a computer mouse without touching it.

Noland Arbaugh said, “I love playing chess so this is one of the things that y’all have enabled me to do.”

In a live-streamed video broadcasted on X, Arbaugh shared his firsthand experience with the implant procedure. Reflecting on the surgery, he described it as surprisingly easy, emphasizing his swift recovery and the absence of any cognitive impairments.


However, Arbaugh’s journey with Neuralink did not merely end with the implantation procedure. He candidly acknowledged that the technology is not without its flaws by citing the issues he encountered.

The chip was inserted in the brain by opening the skull.


Kip Ludwig on Arbaugh’s journey

Kip Ludwig, formerly overseeing neural engineering at the U.S. National Institutes of Health, provided valuable perspectives on the importance of Arbaugh’s journey. While cautioning against premature proclamations of breakthroughs, Ludwig noted the importance of viewing Arbaugh’s interaction with the computer as a promising starting point.

Indeed, Arbaugh’s ability to interface with technology in ways previously unimaginable represents a profound step forward in the field of neural interfaces.


However, amidst the optimism surrounding Arbaugh’s journey, concerns have been raised regarding the regulatory oversight and quality control processes at Neuralink. Reports of issues identified by FDA inspectors highlight the importance of rigorous adherence to safety and ethical standards in medical research.

As Neuralink navigates these challenges, it is imperative that the company remains committed to transparency and accountability.

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