Who is Nirmal Chaudhary as he joins NSUI Congress, biography, age, family, parents and education

Who is Nirmal Chaudhary as he joins NSUI Congress, biography, age, family, parents and education

Nirmal Chaudhary is the former president of RUSU, have a look at his biography as he joins the NSUI, Congress

Find out more about him.

Amidst a wave of Congress leaders departing ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, former Rajasthan University Students Union (RUSU) president Nirmal Chaudhary has opted to return to the National Students’ Union of India (NSUI).

Who is Nirmal Chaudhary as he joins NSUI Congress, biography, age, family, parents and education details

On Saturday, the NSUI national president, Varun Chaudhary, attended his rejoining ceremony, which was held at the Birla Auditorium. After being turned down for an NSUI ticket, Nirmal Chaudhary ran successfully as an independent in the 2022 elections.

Now, upon returning, he reaffirmed his pledge to fight for the interests of farmers and young people. In response to worries about growing unemployment, Varun Chaudhary pointed out that the government has not done enough to address the shortage of jobs and the number of open positions.

On the other hand, echoing Rahul Gandhi’s Jai Jawan campaign, Nirmal Chaudhary promised to fight for youth rights and denounced the perceived influence of the central government on the hopes and dreams of the next generation.


Due to this, Nirmal Choudhary has become the talk of the town, with many people trying to learn more about him. So, let’s find out everything about him:

Who is Nirmal Choudhary?

Nirmal Chaudhary is a renowned Indian student leader associated with the National Students Union of India (NSUI). He has been in the news because he has opted to return to NSUI after leaving Congress.

He was born on 2nd July 1998 in Merta village, Nagaur. His father, Dayalram Choudhary, is a government teacher and his mother, Rupadevi, is a housewife. He also has one older sister named Kamla Choudhary and a younger sister named Sara Choudhary.


Nirmal Chaudhary did his schooling at Shekhawati Senior Secondary School. Later, he attended Rajasthan University, where he got his graduation and master’s degree in philosophy.

He is currently 25 years old.

His career

Nirmal Chaudhary’s political career began with NSUI, but it took a distinct turn when the party declined to put him forward for nomination. Unfazed, he pursued his own path and was able to become the president of the Rajasthan University Student Union in 2022 independently.


Following this triumph, he transitioned to Congress, marking his entry into mainstream politics. However, displaying a resilient spirit, Nirmal has recently rekindled his association with NSUI, re-entering the realm of student politics.

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