Who is Nikki Bickerstaff wife of JB Bickerstaff, bio, age, maiden name, kids and Instagram

Who is Nikki Bickerstaff wife of JB Bickerstaff, bio, age, maiden name, kids and Instagram

John-Blair aka JB Bickerstaff and his wife Nikki Bickerstaff got married in 2011

A few Cleveland-area high school grads received iPads and a full year of internet access as a 2020 donation from the couple in 2020.

John-Blair Bickerstaff, better known as JB Bickerstaff has contributed significantly to the Cleveland Cavaliers’ success on the sidelines. The Cavaliers are headed towards becoming a competitive team under head coach Bickerstaff’s guidance, particularly considering that they are still getting over LeBron James’ second exit from the team in 2018.

After the Cavaliers were eliminated from the playoffs for the second time in a row in 2024, Bickerstaff was fired. The Cavs qualified for the playoffs for the first time since James’ departure in 2023, their first season under head coach Bickerstaff. The NBA coach has all the support he needs off the court owing to his devoted and understanding wife.

Who is Nikki Bickerstaff wife of JB Bickerstaff, bio, age, maiden name, kids, education and Instagram

Nikki Bickerstaff, who is helping him figure out how to make the Cavs a real contender.

Nikki Bickerstaff is the spouse of JB Bickerstaff. The couple is blessed with three kids, Blair, Blakely and Blade.


Born in Canby, Oregon, in 1978, age 46 Nikki Bickerstaff was previously known as Nikki Jones. She studied at the University of Arizona, where she graduated with a bachelor of arts in business and marketing.

Nikki has some professional experience at luxury shop Neiman Marcus as an assistant buyer following her graduation from the University of Arizona. Years later, Nikki got a job as a business development director at 944 Media.


944 Media is a lifestyle and entertainment publication. Nikki’s employment here ultimately made it possible for her to become an associate publisher for METRO.

Nikki Bickerstaff was one of the proprietors of Urban Angels Boutique after working for a while at Neiman Marcus. She was the proprietor of Halo Boutique in addition to Urban Angels Boutique.


In 2017, Nikki was involved in the establishment of a brand called Crumbl Cookie. When the Bickerstaff family went on a vacation together, Crumbl Cookie got its start.

According to Nikki’s LinkedIn profile, she is not only a co-owner of Crumbl Cookie but also the CEO and Founder of the sports digital app League Life. Nikki wanted to bring up to date and digitise lifestyle information that would be useful to different players and their families.

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