Who is Nakul Nath son of Kamal Nath, biography, age, family, wife, education, business and net worth

Who is Nakul Nath son of Kamal Nath, biography, age, family, wife, education, business and net worth

Elected as a Member of Parliament from the Chhindwara Lok Sabha constituency in 2019, Nakul Nath emerged not only as a political inheritor but also as the richest Lok Sabha MP of his cohort, have a look at his family, business and net worth

In the realm of Indian politics, dynastic legacies often intertwine with formidable financial prowess, shaping the landscape of power and influence.

Who is Nakul Nath son of Kamal Nath, biography, age, family, wife, profile, education, business and net worth

With the arrival on Saturday of Congress veteran Kamal Nath and his son, member of parliament Nakul Nath, speculation erupted in New Delhi’s political circles. Their possible consideration of a move to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was intensified by comments made by Kamal Nath and the social media activity of BJP leaders.

49-year-old Nakul Nath was born on 21 June 1974 to Kamal Nath who is a businessman and a politician and his wife Alka Nath. His sibling Bakul is a businessman. Nakul is 5ft 8in tall. He got married to Priya Nath in 2016.

Educated at Boston Massachusetts’ Bay State College, he attained a degree in Business Administration, laying the foundation for his ventures into the corporate world.

Nakul Nath career

Hailing from a lineage entrenched in political affairs, Nakul Nath embarked on his electoral journey with a resounding victory in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, clinching the Chhindwara seat in Madhya Pradesh. His triumph over opponents, including Nathan Shah Kavreti of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), underscored his burgeoning influence and electoral prowess within the region.


Beyond the realm of politics, Nakul Nath’s academic and entrepreneurial acumen sets him apart as a multifaceted personality. Armed with a robust educational background, Nakul ventured into entrepreneurship where his financial astuteness propelled him to remarkable success.

Nakul Nath’s prudent financial planning extends to traditional investment avenues, with allocations in Public Provident Fund (PPF) and Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), reflecting a judicious approach towards long-term wealth accumulation and financial security. His insurance policies, valued at Rs 70 lakh, exemplify a commitment to safeguarding assets and mitigating risk.


The convergence of political lineage, academic excellence, and entrepreneurial success renders Nakul Nath a compelling figure in contemporary Indian politics. Beyond the corridors of power, his stewardship of wealth underscores a vision for economic empowerment and prosperity, resonating with constituents and stakeholders alike.

Nakul Nath’s net worth

With assets surpassing a staggering Rs 660 crore, Nakul Nath’s wealth catapults him to the upper echelons of economic influence within India’s political landscape. His investments span across various sectors, encompassing shares, bonds, and debentures in numerous companies.


Noteworthy are his substantial deposits in bank accounts, eclipsing Rs 8.60 crore across eleven accounts, with a significant portion domiciled in a Dubai-based financial institution. This international exposure underscores Nakul’s global investment outlook and diversified wealth management strategy.

Nakul had invested Rs 29 lakh in PPF, Rs 2 lakh in LIC, and in insurance policies worth Rs 70 lakh in 2019.

Company Designation Original Date of Appointment
SHAKA ESTATE & FINANCE PVT.LTD. Director 04 July 1997

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