Who is model Lauryn Goodman baby mama of Kyle Walker, bio, age, son, daughter, baby father, Instagram

Who is model Lauryn Goodman baby mama of Kyle Walker, bio, age, son, daughter, baby father, Instagram

Here is all you need to know about Lauryn Goodman the baby mama of Manchester City’s Kyle Walker and who is the baby father of her two children

According to The Sun, Kyle Walker’s wife has broken up with him. Following several s*x scandals involving the Three Lions full-back, who made his debut as a captain in November, the two unexpectedly parted ways.

Who is Lauryn Goodman baby mama of Kyle Walker, bio, age, son, daughter, baby father, Instagram

Kilner and Walker had known one another since they were teenagers. When Walker was 18 and Kilner was 16, the two initially met in their hometown of Sheffield.

On Instagram, Kilner stated:

I am posting this in response to growing recent media enquiries about my marriage to Kyle and to protect my family against the intensity of the media spotlight. Sadly, after many years of marriage and three wonderful children together; I have decided to take some time away from Kyle.”

Walker, an international player for England, has supposedly been caught on camera having intimate relations with another woman last year, leading to multiple charges of adultery against him.

Before Annie Kilner pushed the Manchester City player out of their £2.4 million property five months ago, Kyle Walker and his wife were involved in heated arguments about Lauryn Goodman, according to MailOnline.


The 33-year-old right-back is embroiled in a legal dispute with Lauryn Goodman, who maintains that Walker is the biological father of her kid, who is three years old and even hinted towards him fathering her second child as well.

Who is Lauryn Goodman?

Lauryn Goodman is a model who first got fame following her younger sister named Chloe who became a reality star on MTV’s Ex On The Beach. She was born on January 18, 1991.

Goodman, alongside being a model, she is also a social media influencer and is a clothing brand owner named Nineteen Clothing. She is on Instagram with the username @lauryngoodman91 with 111k followers however, her account is private as of this writing.


A look at Lauryn Goodman and Kyle Walker’s relationship

In 2019, Lauryn had a short romance with football player Kyle Walker. In April 2020, the couple welcomed a boy named Kairo.

In March 2023, Lauryn revealed that she was expecting her second child – and kept tight-lipped about her daughter’s paternity, only revealing he “is a footballer” but now eagle-eyed fans have noticed Lauryn has been liking a series of comments asking if Kyle is the father to her second child.

Her Instagram bio also reads: “Mummy to Kairo Walker and KW”. It’s thought KW could be a secret nod to Kyle Walker. She is yet to reveal though who is the baby father of her son and daughter.

Who is Lauryn Goodman dating?

Lauryn’s romantic situation is unclear as of January 2024. She did have a brief romantic connection that ended in February 2019 with Dane, the older brother of football player Marcus Rashford.

How many kids does Lauryn Goodman have?

Lauryn disclosed that she was expecting her second child in March 2023. The model has only said that he “is a footballer” thus far, remaining silent on the fatherhood of her daughter.