Who is model Karina Silva Benavidez wife of David Benavidez, age, net worth, Instagram

Who is model Karina Silva Benavidez wife of David Benavidez, age, net worth, Instagram

Here is all you need to know about David Benavidez wife Karina Silva, age, her profession, net worth and more 

Success in the world of professional sports depends greatly on having a strong support system. Sometimes, this support may come in the form of one’s parents or, in other circumstances, a partner.

Former WBC super middleweight champion David Benavidez, who won the title twice, is tremendously blessed to have constant support outside of the ring.

Who is model Karina Silva Benavidez wife of David Benavidez, age, net worth and Instagram

Karina Silva and the strong boxer have been dating since 2019. Karina, who resides in Seattle, Washington, appears to be a model and social media influencer based on what can be seen on her Instagram.

How old is Karina Silva?

Karina’s age is a mystery but she is believed to be aged between 25-30 years.

What is Karina Silva’s Instagram?

She has 116k followers right now. It appears that many of those were drawn to her because of her strong association with the boxing star.

But without a doubt, she has developed a devoted fan base of her own because of her business acumen and endeavours.


Similar to her husband, Silva appears to have had great success in her own fields. She opened her own business in Seattle called “Dress in Love,” showcasing her entrepreneurial flair.

What is Karina Silva’s net worth?

In addition to this, Karina is the owner of Nude Fajas, a high-end shapewear company with a Colombian background. According to estimates, Benavidez’s wife has a $2 million net worth from her several broad ventures.

Karina Silva marriage and children

Although not much is known about their marriage’s past, David enjoys boasting on social media about his family.


In September 2020, Karina and “The Mexican Monster” had a boy. Their kid, who is now 2 years old, was given that named Anthony Benavidez.

In addition to her modelling photo assignments, Silva regularly shares heartfelt images of her husband and their son Anthony on social media.

Karina has always been there for Benavidez throughout his entire boxing career, good and bad.


The American-Mexican believes Karina to be a faithful wife. She has also frequently been pictured accompanying David to his boxing contests as he strives for greatness.