Who is model Aneta Mlcakova girlfriend of Niccolo Canepa, bio, age, height, Instagram

Who is model Aneta Mlcakova girlfriend of Niccolo Canepa, bio, age, height, Instagram

The spotlight at the FIM Awards ceremony was undoubtedly stolen by Aneta Mlcakova, the girlfriend of MOTOGP sensation Niccolo Canepa

The 26-year-old Aneta turned heads as she graced the event in a stunning, form-fitting green dress, leaving a lasting impression on the red carpet in Liverpool at the ACC Liverpool Convention Centre on Saturday.

Who is Czech model Aneta Mlcakova girlfriend of Niccolo Canepa, bio, age, height, Instagram

Aneta Garnered Praises

Despite Canepa securing a medal as the FIM 2023 World Champion, it was Aneta who garnered praise and attention from fans on social media. She shared a series of pictures from the memorable night on her Instagram, captioning them with, “What a special evening.”

Enthusiastic fans flooded the comments section with compliments, expressing awe at her beauty and style. One fan gushed, “Looking great,” while another declared, “She is the trophy.”


Others chimed in, saying, “Omg you look amazing baby!!! So stunning,” and “What a top woman.” A playful comment even suggested, “Niccolò Canepa definitely punching above his weight.”

Canepa Express Gratitude

On the red carpet, Canepa sported a dashing tuxedo and shared his own post, referring to Aneta as his “love.”

He expressed his gratitude for the unforgettable night, surrounded by friends, teammates, and fellow World Champions at the FIM awards.

Who is Aneta Mlcakova?

Aneta, a social media sensation with 1.1 million Instagram followers, is known for her focus on luxury travel posts. However, she also captivates her audience with alluring snaps, earning her the title of the ‘world’s s*xiest MotoGP Wag.’


The Czech model met Canepa in 2018 while working as a “Monster Girl” in MotoGP, and since then, the couple has shared numerous adventures. Aneta often attends Canepa’s races, supporting him from the pits.

Mlcakova’s Age

For those curious to know more about Aneta, the model’s height is 179 with 63’ waist. She has blond hairs and blue eyes. Aneta Mlcakova, a Czech fashion model currently residing in Switzerland, was born on August 14, 1997.

She rose to fame through Instagram, where her striking beauty garnered widespread attention, transforming her into a social media sensation. Specializing in bikini and fashion modeling, Aneta has become immensely popular, earning features on prestigious lifestyle and travel blogs.

As a social media influencer, she has captivated audiences with her glamorous lifestyle. Mlcakova attributes her rapid rise to stardom to her keen sense of fashion. Despite only joining Instagram in early 2015, her account quickly gained popularity.

Besides Instagram, Aneta is active on other platforms, including TikTok and OF, where she shares exclusive content with her dedicated fan base. Her diverse online presence reflects her multifaceted persona beyond the glamorous world of MotoGP.


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