Who is MMA fighter and Instagram model Inked Dory

Who is MMA fighter and Instagram model Inked Dory

Slovakian multi-talented artist Inked Dory is known for her work as an MMA fighter

She has a sizable following and attention from fans all over the world thanks to her brave and daring content. She also has a reputation for showing off after winning an MMA fight.

The rise of fame

Following her participation in the fourth “Clash of the Stars” competition, Freak Wars, held at the O2 Universum venue on March 11, 2023, Inked Dory has experienced an increase in popularity. She engaged in combat with Karina Pedro against Kristal and Denisa Ryndova. The pair put on an outstanding performance of skill and persistence, winning the battle in the end. This has strengthened Inked Dory’s status as a fierce rival in the combat sports community.

Who is MMA fighter Inked Dory 

Two models caused a commotion during a celebrity mixed martial arts event over the weekend in the Czech Republic. Inked Dory and Karina Pedro flashed their br**sts twice throughout the event. During the pre-fight weigh-in, the models embarrassed their opponents, Kristal Shine and Denisa Ryndova, by str*pping off in front of the crowd to make them roar in delight.

The second event, in which Dory and Karina reprised their stunt inside the ring, was much bolder. The audience went into a frenzy as the models displayed their goods while standing at the edge of the cage. The exhibition sparked a flood of comments on Twitter, with some people expressing surprise and others urging for more of this kind of entertainment. Despite the distractions, Dory and Karina prevailed, winning the contest by a score of unanimous decisions. They demonstrated their true fighting spirit and tenacity by maintaining their composure in the face of chaos.


Before their four-woman battle at the O2 Arena in Prague, Denisa Ryndova and Karina Pedro briefly became a couple, providing some unexpected moments to the event. One of the most memorable MMA fights in recent memory was made possible by the tension and drama surrounding the event.

While some may contend that the models’ behaviour was unsuitable for a combat sports competition, others may view it as a risky move that spiced up the proceedings and provided excitement. In any case, it’s evident that Karina Pedro and Inked Dory aren’t hesitant to experiment and take chances in order to please their followers.

Was it for attention seeking?

Both popular models Inked Dory and Karina Pedro have sizable followings on Instagram. While some could consider their behaviour unseemly or attention-seeking, others might perceive it as a risky move that increased the event’s thrill. Whatever the case, it’s obvious that the duo isn’t scared to push limits and take chances in order to please their followers.


The MMA battle starring these models was a memorable experience overall, with unexpected flashes of romance, drama, and boldness that made an indelible impression on those who watched. The future of this genre of entertainment is still up in the air, but it’s clear that Inked Dory and Karina Pedro have made names for themselves in the combat sports community.