Who is Micky Arison Miami Heat owner, net worth 2023, bio, age, wife, daughter, son

Who is Micky Arison Miami Heat owner, net worth 2023, bio, age, wife, daughter, son

The Miami Heat are currently one of the most successful teams in the NBA, and their success is largely thanks to their current owner Micky Arison, find out his current net worth, brief bio, family, career, and more

The Heat are currently making their sixth NBA Finals appearance in the last 12 years, making Arison one of the most successful owners in the league.

Who is Micky Arison Miami Heat owner, net worth 2023, bio, age, wife, daughter, son, family

Arison initially purchased the team from his father back in 1995, and one of his major first moves was appointing Pat Riley as team president.

The move has worked out pretty well for them both as Riley has led the team to three championships. One of those came while serving as Miami’s head coach back in 2006.

Micky Arison brief bio and family

Micky Arison is the current owner of NBA franchise Miami Heat, who was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1949. His father, Ted Arison, was a very successful Israeli businessman who arrived in the United States with his family when Mickey was just a young child.

Shortly after arriving in the US, Ted co-founded the Norwegian Cruise Lines with shipping magnate Knut Kloster. The two partners later had a falling out in the early 1970s and Ted eventually formed his own cruise company, Carnival Cruise Lines. Overtime, Carnival grew to become the largest cruise ship operator in the world, and remains so even today.


Ted soon entered the world of sports by providing financial backing for the group that founded the Heat in 1987. He soon became the majority owner when the team was first created.

Arison and Madeleine Arison are married to each other and they have two kids. Nick Arison, their son, serves as the Heat’s CEO. Carnival Cruise Line revealed that the Carnival Sunrise’s godmother will be chairman Micky Arison’s daughter, Kelly Arison.

Micky Arison career

Micky Arison is currently the owner of the Miami Heat. He has been incharge of the franchise ever since his father Ted passed down his ownership of the team in 1995.


Aside from looking after the franchise, Mickey also spent 34 years as the CEO of Carnival. During his time with the company, he helped it grow its fleet to over 100 ships before stepping down in 2013. Throughout his time at the helm, Mickey has helped the Heat capture all three of their NBA championships. The franchise has now become one of the league’s most consistently successful organizations under Mickey.

Micky Arison net worth

According to Forbes, Micky Arison currently has an estimated net worth of around $5.6 billion. Tis makes him the 467th wealthiest person in the world. Arison’s net worth peaked back in 2018 when it came to around $9.7 billion.

Micky Arison original purchase price for Miami Heat

Micky Arison bought Miami Heat from his father back in 1995, and according to reports, Arison paid $68 million. Taking inflation into consideration, the team is currently worth over 22 times more than how much Arison originally paid for several decades ago.

Ted Arison, Billy Cunningham, and Lewis Schaffel initially spent around $32.5 million when founding the team back in 1988. The amount was spent on expansion fees to bring the team to Miami.


NBA top ten list of most valuable franchises

Currently, Forbes ranks the Heat as the 12th most valuable team in the NBA. The Heat are currently valued at around $3 billion, and this number will probably rise following the team’s recent success.

Given below is the current top ten list of the most valuable franchises in the league:

Rank Team Current value
1 Golden State Warriors $7 billion
2 New York Knicks $6.1 billion
3 Los Angeles Lakers $5.9 billion
4 Chicago Bulls $4.1 billion
5 Boston Celtics $4 billion
6 Los Angeles Clippers $3.9 billion
7 Brooklyn Nets $3.5 billion
8 Dallas Mavericks $3.3 billion
9 Houston Rockets $3.2 billion
10 Philadelphia 76ers $3.15 billion

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