Who is Michael Emery as Heanor Town football player is accused of r*ping sleeping woman

Who is Michael Emery as Heanor Town football player is accused of r*ping sleeping woman

Here is all you need to know about Michael Emery, a non-league football player who plays for Heanor Town along with his age, career, bio and more 

A disturbing case has come to life about a footballer. According to the Daily Mail, a football player r*ped a woman twice while she was sleeping and then sent intimate pictures of her to his teammates asking them “anyone want a go.” 

The name of the footballer is Michael Emery. The 34-year-old, on May 22, 2021, while out celebrating his team Warrington Rylands FC’s victory in the FA Vase Cup final at Wembley, he invited the woman back to his hotel room.

Who is Michael Emery as Heanor Town non-league football player is accused of r*ping sleeping woman

Before falling asleep, the woman; who cannot be identified for legal reasons; had consensual s*x with the defendant, describing it as “vanilla,” according to St Alban’s Crown Court testimony.

Emery was biting her left thigh and br*ast “really hard” when she woke up. She informed him she didn’t want to have s*x with him before he allegedly r*ped her.

The woman was described as “merry but not drunk” that evening after consuming six or seven bottles of Moretti beer over the period of eight hours.


It is also said that if she was awake she would not have given permission to capture her n*ked and she would never give him consent to do it. 

As per the prosecutor Charlotte Newell KC, after capturing a picture of the sleeping woman exposing her br**sts, Emery sent out two group WhatsApp messages, each with 70 participants.

Meanwhile, the goalkeeper has denied any allegations made against him. The alleged r*pe allegedly took place at a Watford hotel after the team’s FA Vase final victory, according to prosecutor Charlotte Newell KC, read a report in the aforementioned source. 


A look at who Michael Emery is and what team does he plays for, currently.


Who is Michael Emery?

Michael Emery is a non-league football player who played as a goalkeeper for Warrington Rylands FC in 2021. He is now a player for Heanor Town. Back then, the football player was celebrating winning the FA Vase at Wembley Stadium.

Michael Emery. Date of birth/Age: Nov 7, 1990 (33); Citizenship: England. Height: 1,82 m; Position: Goalkeeper.