Who is Megan Harpe wife of ex-NFL player Vontae Davis as he passes away

Who is Megan Harpe wife of ex-NFL player Vontae Davis as he passes away

The football world is mourning the loss of Vontae Davis who was a former Pro Bowl cornerback and is survived by his wife Megan Harpe

Vontae Davis passed away at only 35 years old. People are grieving, especially his wife, Megan Harpe, who was with him for over ten years.

Vontae Davis and Megan Harpe met by accident at a birthday party in DC. Vontae, a football player, fell in love with Megan who was a track star at Loyola Maryland. Even though he lost her number that night, he didn’t give up and kept trying to win her over.

Who is track star Megan Harpe wife of ex-NFL player Vontae Davis as he passes away

Despite numerous texting mistakes, Vontae was determined to win over Megan. As he achieved success in football, Megan supported him while also managing her law studies and NFL WAG responsibilities. Their strong bond helped them stay motivated through the toughest times.

Vontae and Megan’s love story reached a special moment when Vontae carved “Marry Me?” into a pumpkin during a Halloween contest, and Megan said yes. They got married in 2015. They didn’t have any children together.


Megan Harpe career and education

Megan Harpe hails from Connecticut. Her exact age is not known but Harpe celebrates her birthday on 28 July.

Harpe was a member of the Hamden class of 2011 at Loyola University. Megan later pursued a career in mental health and moved to Miami, Florida, to be with Vontae who played as a cornerback for the Dolphins.


She also helped veterans and provided mental health support locally. Despite challenges like Vontae’s injuries leading to his early retirement in 2018, their love story remained strong. Vontae faced tough times with injuries, and in 2018, he made the hard choice to retire during a game.

Megan supported him with unwavering love and care during this challenging period. While Vontae was known for covering receivers on the field, Megan Harpe covered him with care and compassion throughout his career.


Vontae, who was 35 years old passed away, leaving behind his family to cope with the loss but a cause of death isn’t known yet.

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