Who is Megan Denise alleged pregnant girlfriend of Von Miller he assaulted as she goes viral on Instagram

Who is Megan Denise alleged pregnant girlfriend of Von Miller he assaulted as she goes viral on Instagram

Buffalo Bills star Von Miller has recently made his way back into the headlines with reports about his girlfriend Megan Denise accusing Miller of assault.

While the details of this recent incident unfold, it brings to light Miller’s tumultuous past, particularly involving his ex-girlfriend, Megan Denise.

Who is Megan Denise alleged pregnant girlfriend of Von Miller he assaulted as her photos go viral on Instagram

Megan Denise, a former stripper at Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection club in Las Vegas, entered the public eye in 2021 when she accused Miller of sending disturbing texts expressing a desire for a miscarriage and urging her to get an abortion.

Denise is now a model and a licensed medical esthetician at Cherry Medical Aesthetic in Denver, Colorado and has an estimated net worth of $300,000 in 2023, with multiple sources of income such as modeling, and business, amongst other ventures.

Reports haven’t disclosed the identity of Von Miller’s girlfriend, but it is rumored that may be Megan Denise, with whom the Bills player has had an on-and-off relationship over the years and the couple was expecting a baby back in December 2022.

Von Miller’s ex-fiance, an Instagram model, Denise was pregnant with his second child back in 2022 with the two already sharing a child together.



Denise transitioned from her time as a stripper to modeling and eventually ventured into entrepreneurship, starting her own clothing company. 

Her Instagram bio paints a picture of a multi-talented individual, describing her as a licensed medical esthetician, a certified laser specialist, and a cryoskin specialist at Cherry Medical Aesthetics in Denver, Colorado.

Megan Denise has also made appearances in films such as Private Investigations, Typecasted, Fates of Ambition, and Bikini Mayhem. This multi-faceted woman has embraced various roles in her journey.


The recent allegations against Von Miller shed light on a troubled history. In 2021, Megan Denise accused Miller of praying for a miscarriage and pressuring her to get an abortion. 

These distressing revelations sparked an investigation by the Parker, Colo, police department. Miller, an eight-time Pro Bowler, dismissed the accusations as “fake news” at the time. 

Denise, in response, clarified on Instagram that there was no physical abuse during their relationship and expressed excitement about welcoming a child together.

The police report suggests that Miller shoved his girlfriend, who pleaded, “Stop, I’m pregnant,” and then applied pressure to her neck for 3 to 5 seconds. 


Subsequently, he wrapped both hands around her neck, escalating the situation. The Dallas Police Department responded to a “major disturbance call” at the couple’s residence, resulting in an arrest warrant for Miller on charges of assaulting a pregnant person.

The Buffalo Bills, currently on a bye week, issued a cautious statement, acknowledging the incident involving Miller. They emphasized their commitment to gathering more information before making further comments. 

Miller, who signed a lucrative contract with the Bills in 2022, is a prominent figure in the NFL with a career marked by achievements, including a Super Bowl victory with the Los Angeles Rams in 2021.

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