Who is Megan Carlisle of Elizabethtown PA Area Middle School who had s*x with minor student

Who is Megan Carlisle of Elizabethtown PA Area Middle School who had s*x with minor student

Megan Carlisle is a paraprofessional from Elizabethtown PA Area Middle School

Find out more about her and her detention.

In Pennsylvania, a 37-year-old teacher’s aide was dismissed for reportedly having s*x with a 15-year-old student after sending him n*de Snapchat recordings of herself.

According to the Northwest Regional Police Department, the youngster was reportedly groped by Megan Carlisle, a paraprofessional at the Elizabethtown Area Middle School, when she was watching him on April 28 during an in-school suspension.

Who is Megan Carlisle of Elizabethtown PA Area Middle School who had s*x with minor student and sent photos

On the day of the in-school punishment, Carlisle allegedly contacted the boy via Snapchat after classes ended. On the app, the two are said to have started talking about having sex, and Carlisle reportedly gave him pictures of his 16-year-old friend and herself.


Since then, Megan Carlisle has become a popular topic of discussion, with many people trying to find out more about her. So, here’s what we know about her:

Who is Megan Carlisle?

Megan Carlisle is an American native who has been in the news because she was dismissed for allegedly having s*x with a 15-year-old student.

She worked as a paraprofessional at Elizabethtown Area Middle School, located in Pennsylvania. She is currently 37 years old.


According to the police, after school, Carlisle allegedly had many sexual contact discussions with the youngster using Snapchat. After that, it was said that Carlisle sent the child and his 16-year-old friend n*de pictures and videos of herself.

On the 400 block of Rockwood Drive that same evening, Megan Carlisle picked up the 15-year-old and stopped in an empty lot. During that time, the youngster and Carlisle allegedly had s*xual contact.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, the victim sent Carlisle a text message as she pulled out of the parking lot, asking for money to buy food. According to reports, the paraprofessional used the Pay App to send him $20.


The victim reportedly informed police that he texted Megan Carlisle again the following day to get vape pods. Carlisle apparently went out and bought four vape pods, delivered them to the victim where they had first met, and then departed.

While Carlisle’s images and films were received and shared with an unknown number of kids at the school, police claim it is impossible to determine how many students have seen them.

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