Who is Max Dowman Arsenal U18 player, bio, age, position, style of play and stats

Who is Max Dowman Arsenal U18 player, bio, age, position, style of play and stats

Here is all you need to know about Max Dowman who makes his Arsenal under 18s debut just at the age of 13

After giving Max Dowman his club debut at age 13 for the under-18s, Arsenal legend Jack Wilshere was all praise for the youthful prospect.

Who is Max Dowman Arsenal U18 player, bio, age, position, style of play and career stats


This season, the Hale End academy at Arsenal has seen the midfielder advance quickly. And Jack Wilshere’s U18s called him up this past weekend as a result of his talent.

When Dowman was introduced in the second half, he quickly established himself as one of the show’s stars. When the midfielder’s age was revealed, Arsenal supporters were astounded, with one tweeting, “13 is crazy!”


On Saturday, Dowman came off the bench as Arsenal’s youth prospects destroyed Southampton 4-0 at London Colney. The team of Wilshere made their supremacy clear early on and easily won the game. Who is this youngster for the Gunners? Let us have a look.

Who is Max Dowman?

A member of the renowned Hale End system in north London, Max Dowman plays for Arsenal’s youth. He plays for the Gunners’ Under-15 team right now, but Wilshere noticed him and will give him his U18 debut in September 2023. In the 68th minute, the teenager came off of Arsenal’s bench.


December 2009 saw the birth of Max Dowman in England. Given his young age and rapid rise at Arsenal, his precise birthdate and whereabouts are not well known, though. However, it will soon be known given his rising popularity at just 13.

Arsenal manager for U-18, Jack Wilshere praises the youngster

Max Dowman, 13, received his debut appearance at an age level five years above from Gunners Under 18 manager Jack Wilshere. Wilshere was sure that Dowman, who had just graduated from primary school, deserved his chance after impressing the former England player while on the bench during a 4-0 victory over Southampton.


As per Daily Record website, Wilshere stated:

Debut opportunities aren’t handed out lightly, and Max has demonstrated over the past few months that he deserves this chance. There are others on the verge of stepping up as well.

He further said:

He handled the moment admirably, sending an important message to the team that when we introduce players, they possess the quality to contribute effectively.”