Who is Marissa Figueroa Buffalo Bills athletic trainer, bio, education, career, teams

Who is Marissa Figueroa Buffalo Bills athletic trainer, bio, education, career, teams

The Buffalo Bills have appointed Marissa Figueroa as their new full-time assistant athletic trainer, find out more about the young trainer, her brief bio and career timeline 

Interestingly, Marissa is also the first woman to become a full-time trainer in the franchises’ history.

Who is Marissa Figueroa Buffalo Bills athletic trainer, bio, education, career, teams list

Despite her short career so far, Marissa has worked for various athletic programs in the college and professional level.

Bills general manager Brandon Beane shared this about Marissa:


Marissa is not afraid of the moment. She blends in well with our young players and with our veterans on the team.”

He further added:

The first thing you notice about Marissa is her positive attitude. She’s always around and available to help out, and that’s what you need in this industry. You show up here early in the morning and Marissa is here. Late in the day, she’s here as well. She loves being around, and you can tell she’s got passion for the job.”

Marissa Figueroa brief bio

Marissa Figueroa is a California native who started her career with the Bills as an assistant in 2021. Prior to that, she worked as an intern with the San Diego Chargers in 2018. Marissa Figueroa studied kinesiology at Humboldt State. She then obtained her master’s degree in athletic training from the California Baptist University.


Marissa Figueroa career timeline

Figueroa has quite the resume when considering her career timeline. Marissa first started out as an intern for the Chargers in 2018, following which served as an athletic trainer for UC Davis’ football and women’s lacrosse teams. Figueroa then joined the Bills as their athletic training intern prior to the start of the 2021 season. She played a major role in helping cornerback Tre’Davious White recover from an ACL tear.

Following his recovery, White shared:

She scrubbed in through my surgery. She saw when they cut me open. My whole rehab, she’s been with me each and every day. Whenever I took a vacation in the summer, she tailored her time around mine. I owe a lot to her…”

Figueroa was also notably a part of the team of Bills trainers who were honored for their efforts in saving the life of Damar Hamlin after the safety collapsed in Week 16.


The young aspirant will now join a staff of talented medical technicians. The team includes head athletic trainer Nate Breske, assistant athletic trainers Denny Kellington and Tabani Richards, and rehabilitation coordinator/physical therapist Joe Micca.

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