Who is Malu Trevejo as NBA female fan goes viral on Instagram, bio, age, height, parents, net worth

Who is Malu Trevejo as NBA female fan goes viral on Instagram, bio, age, height, parents, net worth

Check out the age, height and net worth of Malu Trevejo

Meet the gorgeous female fan with 11 million Instagram followers who, during a recent NBA game, had all the players on the bench losing concentration.

Who is Malu Trevejo as NBA female fan goes viral on Instagram, bio, age, height, parents, mom, net worth

This week, a video of a female NBA fan who was sitting courtside during a Denver Nuggets game went viral. She caused a lot of distraction for the players who were benched.

Malu Trevejo, the fan, is a musician and social media influencer who has amassed 11.6 million Instagram followers. Considering her appearance and attire, it was not surprising that she was making the rounds on the internet.

Date of birth: 15th of October 2002

Place of birth: Havana, Cuba

Malu Trevejo’s age: 21


Nationality: American, Spanish and Cuban

Ethnicity: Cuban

Height: 5 feet 4 inches (163 centimetres)

Marital status: Single

Net worth: $500 thousand

Malú Trevejo’s full name is María Luisa Trevejo and when she was a child, she and her parents moved to Madrid, Spain, where she lived for twelve years.

María Luisa Trevejo was born on October 15, 2002, in Havana, Cuba, to a Cuban mother and Spanish father but the names of her parents aren’t known.


Malu Trevejo had revealed in an Instagram Live that the man she thought was her biological father is not and that her real dad is actually serving a serious prison sentence of 122 years for killing people.

“He’s in Mexico in jail. I’m never gonna see him out of jail. My mom told me that my real dad told her that it was best for her to be with my other dad. It was best for me to be with Horan, the dad I have now. Because he was gonna give me a better life and he didn’t want me to live in Cuba.”

A few supporters made light of the fact that she was the one who prodded Reggie Jackson into a 35-point game. One fan said, “I see why Reggie Jackson was in his bag tonight.” Another person said, “So that’s why he dropped 35 OKAYYYYY😂💯.” Another said, “Now I know why bro dropped 35.”

The Nuggets, who won their first NBA championship last year, appear eager to repeat this season. It can be useful to have a fan in the building, like Malu.

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Reggie Jackson was instrumental as the Nuggets got past the Clippers

At Crypto.com Arena, Reggie Jackson was unstoppable and helped the Denver Nuggets, who were shorthanded, rally past the Los Angeles Clippers (113–104). In 40 minutes of action, Jackson scored 35 points, dished out 13 assists, and shot an incredible 15/19 from the field to help the defending champions win their second straight game.

The Denver Nuggets, who were missing three of their finest players, turned on Reggie Jackson to help them win against the Clippers. Coming off the bench, Jackson plays a distinct role for the squad, but on this particular occasion, he made the difference for the defending champs.


He disclosed what legendary teammate Jamal Murray said to inspire him following the game. Murray has been out for about a month due to a hamstring injury, but he should be back this week. Reggie Jackson also complimented DeAndre Jordan for his performance in the interim, as the seasoned centre scored 21 points and pulled down 13 rebounds in a game against his old squad.