Who is Makayla Perkins Arizona sports reporter as photos go viral on Instagram

Who is Makayla Perkins Arizona sports reporter as photos go viral on Instagram

After tweeting a recommendation regarding the Coyotes, Patrick Mahomes got smoked online by an Arizona-based reporter Makayla Perkins with her now viral on Instagram

After her answer to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Makayla Perkins’ popularity has been on the rise and is getting a lot of attention.

The quarterback who won the Super Bowl had a great year; he won the NFL MVP award before winning his second championship and taking home the Super Bowl MVP trophy.

However, Jackson, his brother, has been charged with some serious charges, so things are less than perfect on the family front.

Who is Makayla Perkins Arizona sports reporter as her photos go viral on Instagram

Mahomes suggested on Twitter that the Arizona Coyotes relocate to Kansas City and change their name after citizens decided against building them a new, $2.3 billion sports facility.

The two-time Super Bowl champion and NFL Most Valuable Player had tweeted:

KC coyotes has a nice ring to it! @NHL what y’all think? @tmobilecenter”

Since 1996, the Coyotes’ team has been based in Arizona. Taking the name Phoenix Coyotes, they moved from Winnipeg to the Grand Canyon State. In 2014, they moved to the Arizona Coyotes and played home games at Tullett Ice House in Tempe, Arizona.


After Tempe’s referendum rejecting public funding for a new stadium of $2,1 billion, Mahomes would like to see the Coyotes move to Kansas City. Mahomes’ business interests relate to the Kansas City Royals, Sporting KC, Kansas City Current and a Miami based professional pickleball team.

While the future of the team is in doubt, a Phoenix reporter named Makayla Perkins was not happy with what the QB said. Why did Makayla Perkins’s response be that way? This is because she was the Director of Social Media for Phoenix Sports.

She wrote in response to Mohames:

Maybe you should focus on keeping your little brother out of jail and less on our team.”

She later deleted the tweet, but still followed Chiefs fans through the platform.



So, who is this sports reporter who trolled the star QB? From Makayla’s bio, we can learn that she works for PHNX Sports and used to work at other companies like Bally Sports Arizona or AZ Sports.


Although, she had made an unfair comment about Mahomes, of course, because he was not responsible for his brother’s actions. But it still made for some good offseason entertainment.