Who is Maddy Glab Buffalo Bills reporter, bio, age, height, measurements, husband

Who is Maddy Glab Buffalo Bills reporter, bio, age, height, measurements, husband

Here is all you need to know about the Buffalo Bills reporter Maddy Glab who exposed Stefon Diggs’ rude behaviour behind the scenes along with her age, height and husband

A reporter covering the Buffalo Bills experienced this when their emotions occasionally got the better of them. When discussing Bills WR Stefon Diggs recently, team reporter Maddy Glab found herself in hot water.

Who is Maddy Glab Buffalo Bills reporter, bio, age, height, measurements, husband, Instagram

31 year old Glab attended the University of Missouri for its revered journalism program. She is 5 foot tall and is married to Steve Crawford.

Multi-Media journalist Maddy Glab after spending four years reporting on the University of Tennessee, now covers the Bills and Sabres. Maddy worked at Tennessee as a sideline reporter for the university’s official radio station for football games and for SEC Network digital games during a number of both men’s/women’s basketball and volleyball matches.

She has reportedly been the Buffalo Bills’ team reporter since 2019. Regarding the NFL player that was overheard on the microphone, she spoke some harsh things. She said:


There’s no control over Stefon Diggs. Dude’s gonna do what he wants to do. He’ll look in my face and say F you. That’s how he treats everybody.”

Her derogatory remarks on Stefon Diggs immediately went viral on social media. Dov Kleiman, a reporter with the NFL, posted the same video on X as well. She focused her entire remarks on how the wide receiver “treats everybody” unfairly. The reporter quickly realised her error, though, and apologised.

Glab said in her apologies that she didn’t mean to imply that Diggs disrespects the media. The NFL player has “great character,” she added after further admitting that she was mistaken. In an update to her earlier remark, Glab stated that Stefon Diggs “treats media with lots of respect”.


Glab appears to have realised her error during the Bills press conference on September 13. Instead of facing trolling, the reporter decided it would be preferable to apologise to Stefon Diggs and his supporters. Glab wrote:

I am very sorry for what I said and meant no ill will… I respect the hell out of Stefon Diggs, and he has been one of my favorite players to cover. He has great character and treats us media with lots of respect… I should not have said what I said… Stef is not in the wrong, I am.”

Stefon Diggs was criticised by Michael Irvin for treating Josh Allen unfairly

Despite Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ injury, the Buffalo Bills were defeated by the New York Jets in the season opener by a score of 16–22. However, Stefon Diggs’ response to Josh Allen, the quarterback for the Bills, captured everyone’s attention. Michael Irvin was one among several who observed the WR’s behaviour and thought it was unfair.

The former Dallas Cowboys WR blasted Stefon Diggs on his podcast “Undisputed.” The footballer, 29, reportedly gave Allen a glance before touching his head. A frustrated Diggs was undoubtedly the result of the star quarterback’s one score and three interceptions during the game. Diggs ought to stop pushing Allen to “be smart,” according to Irvin, who said as much on his podcast. He said:


Stop telling that man: ‘Be smart, be smart,’ because you’re telling everybody else, ‘He’s dumb, he’s dumb, he’s dumb.’ Stop doing that.”

But because Stefon Diggs is not the type to remain silent, he responded to the Cowboys player’s remarks. Diggs claimed on “The Voncast” that he addresses everyone the same way, not only Josh Allen. He explained that he signals to the players to “play smart” by pointing in the direction of his head. He said:

“I’m like, what are you talking about…I say this to the quarterback, I say this to the running backs, I say this to the receivers, to the O-line… When you see me pointing to my head, I say let’s play smart… Some stuff is worth conversation, other stuff is like, alright, alright, alright.”