Who is Lisa Keeth Williams wife of Monty Williams, bio, age, wedding, disease, Instagram

Who is Lisa Keeth Williams wife of Monty Williams, bio, age, wedding, disease, Instagram

Pistons coach Monty Williams recently mentioned his wife Lisa Keeth Williams and how her cancer treatment was a key factor in his decision to join the club during an interview, find out more about her below and her age

When discussing the reasons behind his move to join the Pistons, Williams admitted that his personal life influenced the decision.

Who is Lisa Keeth Williams wife of Monty Williams, bio, age, family, wedding, disease, Instagram

Monty revealed that wife Lisa Keeth Williams is currently undergoing cancer treatment during the interview. And while he revealed the news rather publically, there is little to no information available about his wife Lisa and their relationship.

Lisa Keeth Williams brief bio

According to reports, Lisa was born in Oakland, California in 1980. Ever since Monty’s first wife Ingrid passed away in 2016, Monty and his new wife Lisa have chosen to keep their relationship as well as their personal lives away from the public eye. As such, there is hardly any information available on Lisa Keeth Williams and their relationship.


Keeth was born in May 1980 in Oakland, California, and is currently 43 years of age and is American, but has English roots.


Monty Williams and his wife Lisa are believed to gotten married in the year 2017. However, there is no footage of the ceremony nor any photos shared online.

Lisa Keeth Williams profession

There is no exact information available regarding the profession of Lisa Keeth Williams. However, based on a LinkedIn profile that matches the name and description of Lisa, she is reportedly based in San Antonio, Texas and has been working behind the scenes for the San Antonio Spurs for over a decade. Following Monty’s recent move to Detroit, there is no information as to whether she is still based in Texas.

Monty Williams speaks on cancer prevention

While speaking about his wife’s illness, Monty Williams also spoke on the importance of raising of cancer prevention awareness. Monty spoke candidly about the circumstances leading to the discovery of his wife’s ill health and encouraged the public to stay aware with cancer screening appointments.


He was quoted as saying:

My wife found out she has breast cancer during the playoffs. The reason I bring that up is to not talk about the family, but to make it more of an emphasis that women need early detection testing.”

“We had genetic testing done and scan after scan, and we found it early. That might’ve saved my wife’s life and it might save others.”

According to research reports from the American Cancer Society, early detection, particularly in the local stage, can reduce breast cancer deaths by up to 99% over a five-year period.


Lisa’s cancer treatment played a central role in Monty joining the Pistons

According to Detroit reporter Omari Sankofa II, the Pistons’ commitment to take care of Lisa’s treatment as well as Monty and their family played a central role in the coach’s decision to accept their offer and join the club. According to the report, Monty was initially quiet about the deal. However, after the Pistons included a further offer to help in the treatment, the former Phoenix coach changed his mind.

The report further claims that the contract, besides including access to private jet travel and healthcare treatment for Lisa, also included assistance with relocating their children while the family deals with Lisa’s cancer treatment. The six-year deal could see Monty stay at the club for upto seven or eight seasons. The veteran coach could reportedly earn upto $78.5 million from the new contract.

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