Who is lawyer Sarra Kemp wife of Sir Chris Hoy, bio, age, family and children

Who is lawyer Sarra Kemp wife of Sir Chris Hoy, bio, age, family and children

Wife Sarra Kemp now known as Lady Sarra Hoy has been by Chris Hoy’s side through every triumph and challenge by offering unwavering support and love

Sir Chris Hoy, the legendary Scottish track cyclist, has captivated the world with his remarkable achievements on the velodrome. However, behind every successful man stands a strong and supportive partner, and for Chris, that rock is his wife, Sarra Kemp.

Who is lawyer Sarra Kemp wife of cyclist Sir Chris Hoy, bio, age, family and children

Born in Scotland in 1984, Sarra Kemp has been a pillar of strength for Chris throughout his illustrious career and personal challenges.

Hoy is married to Sarra Kemp, who is a lawyer from Edinburgh and their wedding took place at St. Giles’ Cathedral in the Old Town in 2010.

Growing up in Murrayfield near Edinburgh, Chris Hoy’s passion for cycling was ignited at a young age. Inspired by the 1982 film ET, he first hopped on a BMX bike at six years old, eventually transitioning to track cycling, where he would go on to become a six-time Olympic gold medalist and an 11-time world champion.


A distinguished athlete, boasting an impressive six Olympic gold medals and an astounding 11 world championship titles. Sarra Kemp, on the other hand, pursued a career in law, working as a senior lawyer before embarking on the journey of motherhood.

In 2010, Chris and Sarra Kemp exchanged vows at the historic St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh, marking the beginning of their journey as husband and wife.

The couple’s love story blossomed further with the arrival of their two children, Callum and Chloe. However, their journey into parenthood was not without its trials. In October 2014, their son Callum was born prematurely, weighing just 2lbs 2oz.


Sarra was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, leading to Callum’s premature birth and a harrowing 60 days spent in neonatal care. Sarra’s strength and resilience during this challenging time were evident as she became the official ambassador of Bliss Scotland, a charity supporting babies born sick or prematurely.

Sarra’s advocacy for premature babies extends beyond her official role, as she openly shares her experiences and struggles, offering solace and support to other parents facing similar challenges. Her bravery in confronting the trauma of Callum’s premature birth highlights the depth of her love and dedication as a mother.


In 2017, the Hoy family welcomed their daughter Chloe, adding another bundle of joy to their lives. While Chloe’s exact birth date remains undisclosed, Chris joyfully announced her arrival on Twitter, expressing his delight at her safe arrival. With two children to cherish and nurture, Chris and Sarra continue to navigate the joys and trials of parenthood together.

Chris Hoy’s struggle with cancer

Despite their private nature, the Hoy family has occasionally opened up about their personal struggles, particularly Chris’s recent battle with cancer. In February 2024, Chris revealed his diagnosis, expressing his gratitude to the medical professionals for their exceptional care and support. Sarra, once again, stood steadfastly by his side, offering her unwavering support and love during this challenging time.

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