Who is Lawrence Sullivan aka Florida Joker seen in GTA 6 trailer, what did he do and crimes as mugshot goes viral

Who is Lawrence Sullivan aka Florida Joker seen in GTA 6 trailer, what did he do and crimes as mugshot goes viral

Florida Joker calls out Rockstar Games claiming GTA 6 “stole his face” and demands a hefty fee, know who is Lawrence Sullivan and what did he do

The Florida guy known as the “Joker,” whose photo went viral because of facial tattoos, has accused Grand Theft Auto video game maker Rockstar Games of stealing his likeness from the trailer for the most recent game in the franchise.

Who is Lawrence Sullivan aka Florida Joker seen in GTA 6 trailer, what did he do and crimes as mugshot goes viral on Twitter

When the most awaited GTA 6 trailer was released after a long wait of around 10 years, it broke the previous record for the most views in a non-music video’s first 24 hours on YouTube.

The video presents a global vision of Florida culture, but some fans have identified a few scenes that appear to be straight out of actual occurrences. Above all, there’s a clear reference to the “Florida Joker,” a tattoo model named Lawrence Sullivan whose arrest picture went viral due to his brilliant green hair and face tattoos.

The Grand Theft Auto series is known for its parodies of viral videos on social media, and this is also evident in the game’s trailer. Nonetheless, a guy is asking Rockstar Games for $1–2 million, claiming that his likeness served as the inspiration for an in-game character.

Following the publication of the game’s first trailer, the Florida joker or Lawrence Sullivan talked about how he seemed to be modelled for one of the characters in a video that he uploaded to TikTok. He is requesting remuneration now that it looks like Rockstar Games has utilised his appearance.


Sullivan demanded a payment of $1 million or $2 million in a video he uploaded on TikTok on Saturday, adding that anyone who does not recognise the resemblance is “out your goddamn nuggets.” Sullivan remarks, using the game’s initials as a reference:

GTA, we got to talk – if not, you got to give me like a mil or two.”

He makes a comparison between a screenshot of the guy from the trailer and a screen displaying one of his mugshots. He then continues saying:


That’s me – that’s the person they got their inspiration from me.”

He continued:

Florida Joker ain’t having that. Y’all took my likeness. Y’all took my life.”

While there are some parallels between the Florida Joker and the character in the trailer; the most obvious being that both have face tattoos; it is impossible to confirm whether Rockstar Games actually based the character on the Joker.

Who is Florida Joker?

Florida Joker who is demanding $1m or $2m in compensation from the Rockstar Games for using his likeness is Lawrence Sullivan.

In an interview with the Florida television station WFLA in 2018, Sullivan said he felt a connection between Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight and other tragedies in his life, like the death of a friend in 2014 and the breakup of his relationship with his fiancee.


As per a report in The Guardian, he was in custody for being absent in court-ordered psychiatric appointments.

Lawrence Sullivan’s mugshot achieved internet fame in 2017 when Miami police arrested him for allegedly pointing a gun at passing cars and his tattoos and green hair earned him the moniker of “Florida Joker”.