Who is Lauren Sophia as the Blue Sweatpants Girl video goes viral on Instagram and TikTok

Who is Lauren Sophia as the Blue Sweatpants Girl video goes viral on Instagram and TikTok

Lauren Sophia has been identified as the viral blue sweatpants girl on TikTok

TikTok is a home for viral content from quizzes to filters to memes to viral songs and dance, you just name it! One can literally became the viral sensation on the video-sharing platform even before their real names are known.

One such incident happen with a now-viral sensation “blue sweatpants girl.” If you’re not familiar with what we are talking about, worry not, we have all the information that you need!

Who is Lauren Sophia as Blue Sweatpants Girl video goes viral on Instagram and TikTok

The “blue sweatpants girl,” is a nickname for a viral TikTok girl, that stems from the pants she’s wearing in the video that catapulted her to fame.

Ever since her video went viral, social media enthusiasts has been looking anxiously about her identity.

Finally we have the identity of Blue Sweatpants Girl. Yes you read right!

Identity of Blue Sweatpants Girl

As per reports, the blue sweatpants girl is identified as Lauren Sophia, who’s a TikToker who shot to viral status after posting a video of herself dancing to CPK Shawn’s rendition of “Pop Like This Pt. 2.”


In the clip, she showcases the Bacardi dance style, a South African dance popularized by singer/songwriter Tyla.


In her viral video, Lauren dons a pink crop top and blue sweatpants, which, despite its brevity, has amassed millions of views.

What Did Lauren Sophia Reveal?

Lauren’s sudden success has sparked a flurry of comments comparing her to Tyla, with some suggesting that the singer should consider hiring her.

In a follow-up video, Lauren shared that she is originally from Puerto Rico and confessed that even she was surprised by her own dance moves in the viral video.


The video has now been viewed over 90 million times and has earned Lauren more than 700,000 followers on TikTok. This short dance clip could potentially open new doors for Lauren, even though it’s just a few seconds long.

Her other videos demonstrate that her dance skills are not a one-off; she truly possesses talent. Currently known as the blue sweatpants girl, Lauren has the potential to solidify her name in the TikTok community if she continues to captivate her audience.

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