Who is Lauren Fryer girlfriend of Declan Rice, bio, birthday, age, job and Instagram

Who is Lauren Fryer girlfriend of Declan Rice, bio, birthday, age, job and Instagram

Have a look at the bio, age and job of Lauren Fryer

Here is all you need to know about Lauren Fryer, the girlfriend of Declan Rice as the Englishman’s partner faces online bullying and deletes all pictures from her Instagram.

The reason why Declan Rice’s girlfriend is trending is something to be ashamed of. Lauren gad to delete all the pictures from her Instagram after she was bullied online.

The Englishman’s girlfriend of eight years has been facing alot of negative messages online which compelled her remove all the pictures as she didn’t feel comfortable sharing it among the trollers and bullies on the internet.

Who is Lauren Fryer girlfriend of Declan Rice, bio, birthday, age, son, job and Instagram

The cruel negativity started back in last year when an unidentified, anonymous Instagram account told the Arsenal player in December that he should “do better”. Next, a flurry of insults followed, with one person telling Rice he had “low standards”. Lauren’s picture was then placed next to Rice’s boyfriend, Aaron Ramsdale, in an additional attempt to ridicule the England star.

Meanwhile, Love Island actress Liberty Poole stood up for Declan Rice’s girlfriend Fryer after all this was happening, calling her “beautiful.” She continued via her Instagram stories:


What happened to celebrating different body types and embracing how we are all individually made.

‘Beauty standards these days are unrealistic and everyone’s gone mad because of social media.

‘I’m going to keep preaching about it till I die. Time for change, this can’t continue.’

Who is Lauren Fryer?

24 year old Lauren Fryer is the girlfriend of Arsenal’s defensive midfielder Declan Rice. The two have been together for eight years now. She was born on 14 January, 2000 in England.

It is told that the two initially started dated back in 2016. Six years later, the two welcomed a son together named Jude, in 2022. While she has not revealed anything about her occupation, she is believed to be a stay at home mom.

Lauren is frequently seen supporting her boyfriend at games. She also accompanies Rice at the Emirates. She travelled to Qatar to support him at the 2022 World Cup.


Lauren has around 75.9k followers on her official Instagram account with the username @laurenfryer_ however, she has now deleted all of her memories and images from the platform to escape online bullying and abuses.

Meanwhile, fans have stood together in support of the Lauren. One wrote, “We love you Lauren Fryer.”


Another stated, “Appreciation post for this beautiful woman Lauren Fryer. We’re sorry to see that in 2024 women are still subject to so many disgusting comments.”