Who Is Lauren Fryer Girlfriend Of Declan Rice, Age, Baby, Boyfriend, Biography, Job, Instagram

Who Is Lauren Fryer Girlfriend Of Declan Rice, Age, Baby, Boyfriend, Biography, Job, Instagram

Declan Rice and Lauren Fryer, his partner and childhood sweetheart, appear to have officially announced the birth of their first child, know his age and job

With a fresh tattoo of the astrological symbol for Leo on his bicep, Declan seemed to confirm the name of their infant and the day it was born.

Who Is Lauren Fryer Girlfriend Of Declan Rice, Age, Baby, Boyfriend, Biography, Job And Instagram

On Sunday, the West Ham United captain unveiled the new tattoo, which read Jude Rice and included the date August 7, 2022, as the birthdate. As a result of the reports, Lauren Fryer, Declan’s partner, came under scrutiny.  We know the following about her.

Know More About Lauren Fryer and Her Relationship

Lauren Fryer is a better half to Declan Rice. Greater London’s Chessington is where she was born. She is English by nationality. Declan is a football player who once more focuses on West Ham United and the overall England team or who plays as a guarded midfielder. When they were still teenagers, Lauren and Declan began dating.

Lauren and Declan began dating while they were young, and they have been sincere partners since about 2017. They began dating when they were still young. Although they are currently spending time together, many people around them recognise that they are connected.

Full name Lauren Fryer
First Name Lauren
nickname Fryer
nationality English
Birthplace Chessington, Greater London
place of birth United Kingdom
gender identity feminine
sexual orientation straight
horoscope map Twins
marital status Relationship
relationship with Declan rice
date of Birth June 16, 1999
age 23 years

Check Out Lauren’s Instagram

Although Lauren keeps a minimal public profile, her personal Instagram page already has 36.5k followers. You may find Lauren on Instagram by searching for her by her handle, @laurenfryer_, which is currently set to public. She has released pictures and videos from her experience at Liam Gallagher’s concert, which includes a photo with the artist, in addition to romantic photos with Declan.

Additionally, Lauren posted a number of pictures from their vacations to well-known locations like Ibiza and Dubai. According to her previous postings, Lauren enjoys sharing photos of her and her pals from outings, clothing details, and vacation photos with the footballer.

Internal Love Up Instagram Pictures

While Lauren and Declan both want to keep their relationships private, Lauren has published a number of Instagram posts expressing her and Declan’s love for one another.


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