Who Is Kpop Rapper Zico, Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Songs, Net Worth, Real Name, Instagram

Who Is Kpop Rapper Zico, Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Songs, Net Worth, Real Name, Instagram

Zico, singer of the viral song “Okey Dokey,” is a well-known singer in the South Korean pop industry and people are now discussing about him, know his age, height, net worth, real name and girlfriend

We have all heard the lyrics of “Okey Dokey” from the well-known South Korean television series True Beauty, which premiered last year. After the song was included in a humorous moment on the show, the song’s popularity quickly went upside and it has gone viral on different social media platforms.

Even after one year, people are still obsessed with that particular scene and song. When discussing the situation in which this song was performed, everyone brings up Hwang In-youp and Moon Ga-young, but many people can still remember the voice that sang it.

A top k-pop performer, Zico, is one of the voices behind the success. Zico has been releasing incredible Korean hip-hop singles one after the other for ten years. So, let’s find out more about him:

Know Who Is Kpop Rapper Zico, Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Songs, Net Worth, Instagram

Woo Ji-ho, better known by his stage name Zico, is a well-known South Korean singer, rapper, record producer, and composer. Zico is renowned for his hip-hop crossover abilities and for maintaining both a subversive and popular reputation as a Korean idol.

On September 14, 1992, he was born in Dohwa, Seoul. Woo Tae-woon, his older brother, was formerly a member of the idol group Speed. Presently, Zico is 29 years old.


At Seoul Music High School, he majored in vocal performance. He reportedly spent three years in Japan and a year each studying abroad in Canada and China. From February 13, 2013, through February 13, 2015, Zico attended the Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts University.

Zico is a devoted Roman Catholic who has the baptismal name “John the Apostle.”

He was released from the military on April 29, 2022, having started his duty on July 30, 2020. He has a height of 1.81m and was dating SeolHyun but the two have since broken up.

His Career

Zico began his career as an underground rapper during his stay in Japan since he had a natural talent for hip-hop from the beginning. Zico used to perform with groups like “Dope Squad” and “Undisputed” in the Japanese underground hip-hop scene under the stage name “Nacseo.”

He went on to try out for SM Entertainment after establishing a solid reputation in the underground scene. Zico and Park Kyung formed the musical duet “Harmonics” in 2009. He then joined Stardom Entertainment that same year and worked with IU and Jung Suel Gi.

He released his debut mixtape, “Zico on the Block,” in 2010. After gaining fame, Zico joined the boy band Block B in 2011, to mixed reviews from the public. While his fans adored him, a few government offices had to forbid two of their songs from being played for minors.


With time, his reputation grew, and he began to perform on tracks and stages with HyunA and the girl group WINK.

Additionally, he later presented a number of important programs. Zico made his solo debut on November 7, 2014, with the song “Tough Cookie,” which featured the rapper, Don Mills, after hosting and releasing many trash tracks.

Since going solo, the singer has released both solo tracks and songs with other artists. His top hits include “Any Song,” “It’s You” (with Sam Kim), “Balloon,” and “Summer Hate.”

Net Worth Of Zico

Zico’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $8 million and the yearly earnings of Zico, are estimated up to $213.3K – $282.3K.


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