Who is Kiran Patel from Gujarat who fooled Jammu and Kashmir police into believing he is PMO official, biography and news

Who is Kiran Patel from Gujarat who fooled Jammu and Kashmir police into believing he is PMO official, biography and news

The Jammu and Kashmir Police caught a con man named Kiran Patel from Gujarat who was pretending to be a top official in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and meeting with other top officials in the Union territory.

This is a shocking event that shows a serious security flaw. Kiran Bhai Patel went to Jammu and Kashmir while pretending to be an Additional Director of the PMO.

Reports say that Kiran Patel had been going to the Kashmir Valley since October of last year. Before he was arrested, he made it from the Kaman Post in Uri, which is close to the Line of Control (LoC), to the Lal Chowk in Srinagar. The con man went to a few tourist spots in Kashmir, including Gulmarg, saying that the government had sent him there to look for ways to improve hotel facilities.

Who is Kiran Patel from Gujarat who fooled Jammu and Kashmir police into believing he is PMO official in Srinagar, biography and news

The man even got Z-plus security, an official room at a five-star hotel in Jammu and Kashmir, and a bulletproof SUV.

Patel said that the government had assigned him the task of identifying buyers for apple orchards in south Kashmir, and that a few of IAS officials were in awe of him when he dropped names of high-ranking bureaucrats and politicians in Delhi.

CID found the fraud by Kiran Patel

Reports say that the CID Branch was the one who found the con artist before central agencies did. The Jammu and Kashmir Police have been quiet about what happened, but the CID Branch has filed a FIR against Kiran Patel at the Nishat Police Station in Srinagar. In the FIR, it says that he “engaged in activities in this police station’s jurisdiction and in other parts of the Kashmir Valley.”


The Indian Penal Code (IPC) has charged Kiran Patel. The Jammu and Kashmir Police questioned the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Pulwama, Basheer ul Haq, and the Superintendent of Police, Zulfkar Azad, about why they did not catch the alleged conman sooner. A team of police officers from Gujarat is also aiding the investigation.

Who is Kiran Patel?

Kiran Patel is from Gujarat, and he also has a verified Twitter account. The crook also posted several videos of himself enjoying the VIP treatment he was getting from the Jammu and Kashmir Police, who thought he was a government worker (PMO).

Kiran pretended to be an extra director in the Prime Minister’s Office for strategy and campaigns. His Twitter name suggests that he has a PhD from Commonwealth University in Virginia and an MBA from IIM TRICHY. But his so-called educational credentials haven’t been checked out yet.


He has also a degree of M Tech (Computer Science) and BE Computer (L D Engineering) and  called himself as ‘thinker, strategist, analyst and campaign manager.

Kiran Patel is a resident of Ghodasar in Ahmedabad and Ahmedabad crime branch and Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) have also started investigations into the matter. Police are looking at his criminal background and his connections in Gujarat and there are three cases registered against him at different police stations in Gujarat. He is married to Malini Patel.



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