Who is Kayo Martin kid who asked Mike Tyson and Jake Paul their body counts, bio, age and parents

Who is Kayo Martin kid who asked Mike Tyson and Jake Paul their body counts, bio, age and parents

As boxing legend Mike Tyson and Jake Paul prepare to go all out in an intense bout, a teenager caught everyone’s attention during their recent pre-fight press conference, find out more below about age 14 Kayo Martin

The former heavyweight champion is set to return to the ring against YouTuber Jake Paul on July 20.

Who is influencer Kayo Martin kid who asked Mike Tyson and Jake Paul their body counts, bio, age and parents

Interestingly, Mike Tyson, who is one of the most legendary figures in boxing history, will turn 58, just two weeks before the fight.

Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul pre-fight press conference

Yesterday, on May 14, 2024, Mike Tyson and Jake Paul had their pre-fight press conference at the Apollo Theatre in New York. However, amidst all the tension, a teenager caught everyone’s attention after he asked which fighter had the “higher body count”. According to reports, the teenager was popular teen influencer and prankster Kayo Martin.

During the press conference, Kayo took full advantage when Tyson and Paul decided to start taking questions from the crowd.

Martin started out by asking the ‘Problem Child’:


So you think he has bigger balls? Who do you think has a bigger body count? What’s your body count Jake?”

Paul did not reply out of shock and Tyson spoke out saying:

Where is this kid’s mother?”

However, the youngster kept pressing for an answer and soon stated:

Jake, you think yours is higher?

Following which he started saying:

Type s**t. We outside! Gaw Gaw. Boom b***h. Ahhh. I love you guys motherf***er.”

Unsurprisingly, the incident left both the fighters confused and Logan stated:


That was kid was hoot.”

A “raw meat” diet

Meanwhile, Mike Tyson left a reporter feeling repulsed after he revealed his disgusting pre-fight diet. The former ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ Iron Mike, revealed how he has been eating only “raw meat”. Notably, UFC commentator Joe Rogan shared how the disgusting claim would strike fear into Paul without even throwing a punch.

Kayo Martin bio

Age 14 Kayo Martin is a popular influencer and skateboarder who hails from NYC and he has over 1230,000 followers on Instagram. The youngster recently went viral following his questions during the Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul pre-fight press conference.

He has a sister named Bombette Martin who is also a skateboarder and was born and lives in New York City, though she spent much of her childhood in her father’s home city of Birmingham, England, and holds dual citizenship in the United Kingdom and the United States. She was named after her father, Jon “Bomber” Martin who was an amateur boxer.


He often posts updates on his Instagram feed and has shared all sorts of different content. His page has pictures of him dangerously climbing on subway tracks and narrowly avoiding being hit, along with pictures of him visiting New York’s delis. Martin has a Linktree bio under his account, which provides more information about him with the line:

“Skateboarding, boxing, Day in the Life, Hoodrat shii.”

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