Who is Karina Pedro MMA fighter, Instagram and OF model who kissed Inked Dory

Who is Karina Pedro MMA fighter, Instagram and OF model who kissed Inked Dory

Here is all you need to know about who is Karina Pedro, the rapper and OF model 

Karina Pedro and Inked Dory, two other OnlyFans stars, made headlines last week when they showed off their br**sts during a live mixed martial arts fight.

Who is Karina Pedro MMA fighter, Instagram and OF model who kissed Inked Dory in viral video

Karina and Inked continued their X-rated antics from the prior weigh-in, much to the amazement of those watching, as they reached below and pulled their tops up, completely confounding everyone.

As they entered the cage for the fourth Clash of the Stars tournament in the Czech Republic, they once more showed off their b**bs.

Karina updates her approximately 36,000 Instagram followers with a variety of photos.

On the other hand, the Slovakian saves her greatest stances for her OnlyFans account, where admirers may see variants of the poses she struck in the ring.

She charges hundreds of dollars for her exclusive footage and is paid a lot of money for her visits.

She is an MMA fighter, rapper, singer, composer, model, and content developer.


The active model began singing, creating, and rapping in music at a very young age.

In 2022, Karina made her debut with the song “Lilith.” She later made two more singles, “ARLATN” and “Padaj Bomby0,” the latter of which is the most recent and released them.

For their most recent MMA match against singer and actress Kristal Shine and model Denisa Ryndova, Inked and she collaborated.


Even though there were three rounds in the competition, the OnlyFans team raised their hands to claim victory.

On her social media pages, Karina shared multiple images of herself competing in an octagon resembling the UFC.

After that, she added the caption “Unforgettable moments.”

The OnlyFans stars Inked Dory and Karina Pedro competed in the fourth Clash of the Stars competition, Freak Wars. The event was held at the O2 Universum hall on March 11. The competitors gathered for open training sessions and weigh-ins before to fight night.


Following the weigh-ins, Dory and Pedro shocked the audience by doing an act that is generally only accessible to OnlyFans subscribers.

The fight also lived up to fans’ expectations and showcased the technical side of everyone’s MMA skills.