Who is Kansas City Chiefs fan Holden Armenta, bio, age, parents, father, mother, ethnicity

Who is Kansas City Chiefs fan Holden Armenta, bio, age, parents, father, mother, ethnicity

We examine the reason behind criticism of Deadspin, who falsely accused Holden Armenta of racist behavior and confirm whether Holden is a native American along with his parents and ethnicity details

The parents of a 9-year-old Kansas City Chiefs fan are considering legal action against the sports website Deadspin after it published an article accusing their son, Holden Armenta, of racial insensitivity. The piece claimed that Holden engaged in racist behavior by painting his face black and red and donning a Native American headdress at a football game.

Who is Kansas City Chiefs fan Holden Armenta, bio, age, parents, father, mother, ethnicity and nationality

According to a letter obtained by NewsNation, Shannon and Raul Armenta, Holden Armenta’s parents, have enlisted Clare Locke LLP to request a retraction and threaten potential legal consequences against the author Carron Phillips, Deadspin, G/O Media, and Great Hill Partners.


Who is Holden Armenta?

In Week 12 coverage of the Kansas City Chiefs-Las Vegas Raiders game, Holden Armenta gained national attention when CBS focused on him. The cameras captured him wearing a Native American headdress with black and red paint on his face. A recent article by Carron Phillips criticized this image, targeting the Chiefs and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

However, Armenta’s mother, Shannon, clarified on Facebook that her son, a Native American Chiefs fan, was misrepresented in the selected photo. She emphasized that CBS featured him multiple times, and the controversy was fueled to create division. Contrary to the initial portrayal, X’s Community Notes clarified that Armenta didn’t have only black paint on his face; it featured black on one side and red on the other, representing the Chiefs’ colors.

Shannon and Raul Armenta, the mother and father of the 9 year old have enlisted the legal expertise of Clare Locke LLP, a firm with a proven track record in defamation cases. In response to the accusations against their son, the Armentas are demanding a retraction from Deadspin and Carron J. Phillips and the formal request, made through Clare Locke LLP, calls for the removal of articles, posts, and photos related to Holden with the same vigor with which they were disseminated.


What action will Armenta’s family take against Deadspin?

Elon Musk dismissed the article as deceptive, and Shannon Armenta substantiated her son’s face paint accuracy with shared photos. Collin Rugg, co-owner of Trending Politics, posted a video of Armenta engaging in the tomahawk chop, deemed offensive by some, although Black players on the Chiefs roster also participated.

Criticism targeted CBS for portraying Armenta negatively. Wearing a Native American headdress raised concerns about potential scrutiny, but Armenta emphasized his cultural legitimacy by highlighting his connection to the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians through his lineage. Raul Armenta, his grandfather, holds an official position in the tribe’s Business Committee, federally recognized since 1901.

CBS Sports contributor Carron Phillips faced backlash for inaccurate reporting, evident in deleted tweets and adjustments to his X account. The Armenta family’s decision on pursuing legal action against Deadspin and Phillips remains uncertain, pending discussions with their lawyer. Beyond legal considerations, Armenta’s presence coincided with the Chiefs’ 31-17 triumph over the Las Vegas Raiders, boosting their record to 8-3.