Who is Kandra ex-wife of Adnan Syed, family, wedding and divorce

Who is Kandra ex-wife of Adnan Syed, family, wedding and divorce

Kandra is the ex-wife of Adnan Syed. Find out more about her biography, career, and much more

After the recent reinstatement of Adnan Syed’s murder conviction by a Maryland appeals court, his case has attracted widespread attention.

The investigation into the case began in 1999 when Syed was convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee. Nevertheless, the “Serial” podcast’s success, which drew attention to weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against Syed, raised questions about his guilt and garnered a lot of media attention.

Who is Kandra ex-wife of Adnan Syed, family, religion, wedding and divorce

Due to flaws in the evidence presented by the prosecution, the circuit court judge subsequently quashed Syed’s conviction. After serving a sizable length of time in jail, Syed was finally freed.

While the Maryland appellate court panel recently ordered a new hearing to be held in the case, citing the lower court’s violation of the victim’s family’s right to attend a crucial hearing, Adnan Syed’s personal life has become a trending topic of discussion, especially his life in jail.


Surprisingly, Kandra, the ex-wife of Adnan Syed, has also come into the spotlight following the reinstatement of Syed’s murder conviction. While many people were initially surprised to learn that Syed had married while in prison, it has since been revealed that Kandra was his wife during his incarceration.

It was revealed in the true-crime podcast Serial, hosted by Sarah Koenig. While the marriage was not mentioned in Serial, rumors of the wedding started circulating on the Adnan Syed Reddit forum, which is considered an encyclopedia of his life.


The marriage was eventually confirmed on the follow-up podcast, Undisclosed, which is hosted by Syed’s friend Rabia Chaudry. Chaudry confirmed that Syed did get married, but the couple later got divorced. So, let’s find out everything about her:

Who is Kandra?

Kandra is an American woman. She has been in the news because of the recent reinstatement of her ex-husband Adnan Syed’s murder conviction.

She is the daughter of Syed Adnan’s fellow prisoner. She reportedly got married to Adnan Syed in an Islamic ceremony in 2008. However, they got divorced two years later when Syed was transferred to a supermax prison with limited communication abilities.


Chaudry claimed in her book that Syed managed to gather a $10,000 amount by doing odd jobs in prison over eight years. It is unclear if Syed has remarried since his divorce.

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