Who is Kajal the ex-GF of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi and is he dating anyone now

Who is Kajal the ex-GF of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi and is he dating anyone now

Lawrence Bishnoi name sends shivers down the spine, know how his ex-GF played a role in his crimes 

He is a gangster and is renowned for perpetrating heinous acts. Know more about this gangster and his terror in the article below.

From a college-going student to a dreadful gangster: Read the story of jailed criminal Lawrence Bishnoi

Even when he is in prison, he still has the power to murder anyone outside the jail. Siddhu Moosewala, a well-known Punjabi singer, was killed when Bishnoi was behind bars.

Who is Kajal the ex-GF of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi and is he dating anyone now in 2023

Love Life In College 

While many are familiar with the “gangster,” Lawrence Bishnoi, very few are aware of his previous life as an ordinary youngster. When Lawrence Bishnoi fell in love with a classmate in the tenth grade, his journey to becoming a mobster began.

Bishnoi attended a convent school in Bishnoi, where he fell in love with a girl named Kajal. Both were studying in the same class. They first started as being close friends to each other and soon became close to each other and wanted to spend the rest of their life together.

Kajal and Bishnoi both enrolled in Chandigarh’s DAV College. They were both quite content together and anticipated getting married in the future.

Lawrence’s love story, started in his school days when he was in 10th standard at Convent School in Abohar and both Lawrence and his girlfriend loved each other and passed 12th from DAV School, Chandigarh.


Fame And Revenge

Elections for the student union were held at the college over time. Also, Bishnoi established the Student Organization of Panjab University or SOPU. This group still takes part in the Punjabi colleges’ student union elections. Lawrence ran for the position of president of the student union, but he lost the election.

He was disappointed because it was the first time he had experienced defeat. After the opposition won the college election, he also purchased a revolver to further demonstrate his dominance.


Time passed over the years, and their enmity began to heat up. Finally, a shooting occurred between the groups in 2011. The competing gang soon turned their attention to Lawrence’s lady love. 

The opposition began to bother Bishnoi and Kajal. According to reports, the other gang’s members burned Kajal alive in order to get even with Bishnoi. 

Bishnoi was broken and devastated by the loss of the most important person in his life which forced him into the world of crime. However, it has been stated that this incident was an accident.


He is currently single and is not dating anyone.

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