Who is Joan Laporta FC Barcelona president, net worth 2023, wife, family, education

Who is Joan Laporta FC Barcelona president, net worth 2023, wife, family, education

Here is all you need to know about FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta, know his net worth in 2023

Joan Laporta in her finest performance. The Barça president came across as vigorous and determined at the XIV Congress of Peas Barcelonistas de Andaluca, Ceuta, and Melilla, which was hosted in rgiva (Granada) on Friday night.

In his speech to the members of the supporters’ club, Laporta vowed to vehemently protect the club against the accusations it is facing in the “Negreira Case.”

Along with Antonio Escudero and Josep Ignasi Macià, the club directors in control of the supporters’ clubs, he said:

They have nothing and the only thing they have wanted to do is to damage our reputation and our honour. And you don’t play with Barça’s sentiment. It’s 123 years of showing values, commitment, honesty and fair play because that’s how we understand football, sport and life.”

Who is Joan Laporta FC Barcelona president, net worth 2023, wife, family, education, Twitter

Joan Laporta I Estruch, a politician from Catalonia and the current head of FC Barcelona, was born on June 29, 1962.

Joan Laporta is 60 years old. Here are the key details about Joan Laporta, the illustrious mayor of Barcelona.

Laporta was married to Constanza Echevarría and has three sons, Pol, Guillem and Jan with his net worth at $2 million.

The club president encouraged Andalusian supporter organisations to work together and reaffirmed that a campaign to prevent Barça from becoming a public limited company is currently in motion.

The Barça manager went on to add that he would do anything to defend his team.

The law firm Laporta&Arbós, which is owned by attorney Joan Laporta, has several renowned Spanish companies among its clientele. (he graduated from the University of Barcelona). From 2010 to 2012, he was a deputy in the Catalan Parliament.


Top Facts about Joan Laporta

From 2010 to 2012, Joan Laporta, a lawyer by profession, represented Convergencia I Unio (CiU), the Party for Catalan Unity for Independence, in the Catalan Parliament. He additionally sat on the Barcelona City Council between 2011 and 2015.

It is noteworthy that Joan Laporta was an outspoken supporter of independence and a part of the Party for Independence, which advocated for Catalonia’s independence from Spain in 1996.

He removed the Spanish flag from La Masia, the club’s training facility, bringing his separatist beliefs with him.

His administration in 2008 was not only notable for its exceptional contributions to the field, but it was also free of other issues. The socios requested a vote of censure against him due to his club administration and Barça’s poor performance during that campaign, which resulted in their finishing third and a 4-1 Clasico loss to Real Madrid.


It can be difficult to be well-known. However, the former advocate has always been successful in kicking out the different bee-eaters he has come into contact with. His now ex-brother-in-law, Alejandro Echevarra, a member of the club’s executive council, made reference to a Franco campaign in 2005. (the Francisco Franco National Foundation).

It is crucial to note that Joan Laporta’s name first appeared in the Panama Papers in December 2016. According to the Confidential and LaSexta disclosures, he was involved with Agent Pini Zahavi’s enigmatic project.

Although he had not disputed the facts in the Confidencial, the Catalan claimed that because the company had not yet been formed, he had not earned any money.

Joan Laporta, a native of Barcelona and a fan of the Blaugrana, had the chance to carefully observe the accomplishments of the Flying Dutchman at Camp Nou. (1973-1978).

Like many of his peers, Cruyff was a fan when he first arrived, when he was just 11 years old. In an interview with La Monde in 2010, he recalled, “As teenagers, we did everything like him, down to the haircut.”


A key characteristic of Joan Laporta is his attempt to mimic the player on the field while also sporting his jersey number. (9).

He later became close to and the Batavian’s lawyer, and in March 2010 he was named Barça’s honorary president. Cruyff would leave this symbolic position in July of the following year because he felt like “a problem”

Laporta was originally viewed as an outsider when he ran for president of Barcelona in 2003. On the other hand, he gained favour thanks to his charm and strategy for luring Manchester United icon David Beckham to Camp Nou.

After Laporta ultimately prevailed over Llus Bassat in the presidential race, Beckham enrolled at Real Madrid. Instead, the new president found a middle ground by purchasing Ronaldinho.