Who Is JiaQi Bao Spy Chief Of China, Biography, Age, Family, Tsinghua And Arizona State University Education, Hunter Biden Links News, LinkedIn, Twitter

Who Is JiaQi Bao Spy Chief Of China, Biography, Age, Family, Tsinghua And Arizona State University Education, Hunter Biden Links News, LinkedIn, Twitter

The Committee Wanted Information About JiaQi Bao, A Friend Of Hunter Biden’s, Connections To The CCP And Her Interactions With The Biden Family, Know Her LinkedIn Account

In a letter to the FBI, James Comer, the top Republican on the House Oversight Committee, demanded that the agency give Congress information. By November 9, 2022, Comer has requested that the FBI give over all documents and correspondence related to Bao, Timothy Thibault, the Hunter Biden investigation, and CEFC’s efforts to obtain American energy and infiltrate the Biden family. 

Know Who Is JiaQi Bao Spy Chief Of China, Biography, Age, Family, Tsinghua And Arizona State University Education, Hunter Biden Links News, LinkedIn, Twitter

Comer stated in the letter that Bao “offered Hunter expertise on obtaining liquified natural gas reserves in the United States to sell to China, had access to the Biden family’s financial information, and liaised with CCP-affiliated operatives on the Bidens’ behalf.” 

Senior FBI agent Thibault resigned in August after allegations that he dragged out the investigation and gave agents the order “not to look into the laptop”. This was because he didn’t want an FBI investigation to influence the 2020 election.  

In 2017, Hunter Biden and Patrick Ho, the secretary general of the CEFC, formed a business relationship. Before being convicted of bribery in 2018, the Chinese billionaire was later being watched by US law enforcement as a possible threat to foreign intelligence.  

Revealing ‘The Spy Chief Of China’ And Connections With The Biden Family 

In a telephonic conversation that was captured on his abandoned laptop, Hunter referred to Ho as the “spy Chief of China.” Hunter had engaged JiaQi Bao, a 29-year-old Chinese American assistant, to assist in his multimillion-dollar joint venture with CEFC. It was said that Bao and Hunter had a close and fascinating friendship. 


Emails reportedly show that the New York-based Bao initially carefully organised President Joe Biden’s son’s travel, lodging, and even doctor appointments. Strangely enough, the young assistant is also said to have sent him information on the opposition to supporting Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign. 

Boa is also blamed for convincing Hunter to withdraw funds from the joint venture’s accounts as the business failed, and for writing flirtatious and intimate messages. She even ended up with Hunter’s military dog tags in her New York apartment. They were the same ones he can be seen wearing in home-made porn videos filmed on his laptop. 

Comer expressed worries that Thibault “ignored information” about Bao’s involvement in the Biden family business and that there was a risk to national security. This was due to Bao’s alleged collaboration between the CCP and the Biden family. As evidence that Bao and Biden’s connection extended “beyond professional commitments.”  

Close Relationships With The Spy Chief Of China 

According to emails recovered from Hunter’s laptop, before starting his own business with the “spy chief of China,” he had a close relationship with the Chinese-American secretary who worked for him. 

Comer said that as Hunter’s assistant, Bao had access to the family’s financial information, spoke on the Bidens’ behalf with CCP-connected operatives, and advised Hunter on how to acquire liquid natural gas reserves in the US to sell to China. 

Oversight Republicans said that Bao, who seemed to be looking out for Hunter’s financial interests, recommended he continue working on his natural gas investment thesis because Ho’s arrest offered a wonderful chance to profit from. 


Bao’s efforts to maintain a close relationship with the Biden family following the loss of the CEFC venture raises serious concerns about Bao’s motivations and objectives with the Biden family. Did the CCP specifically pressure Bao to make sure the Bidens kept supplying American LNG to China? If so, this poses a grave threat to national security, the letter continued. 

JiaQi Bao: Who Is She?

According to her LinkedIn page, Bao has worked as an analyst and assistant in the financial and private equity sectors in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, and New York since 2011. She doesn’t mention CEFC or the collaboration with the Bidens.  

Bao just cites “Hedge Fund / Asset Management / Financial Services” as her work from February 2016 to July 2019 on her LinkedIn page. Following the multi-million dollar deal with the Chinese oil corporation CEFC, Hunter employed Bao as his secretary and assistant. She conducted secretarial work for Hunter in the joint venture, translated papers, and acted as a liaison for Hunter’s Chinese business partners. 

Her Chinese-American family lives in Arizona, where she attended the state university before going to Tsinghua, a prominent university in Beijing, to get her master’s degree. 

After graduating from Tsinghua University, a primary source of recruits for China’s intelligence service, Bao worked for the PRC’s National Development and Reform Commission, which is responsible for overseeing projects that receive foreign funding, according to the committee letter.


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