Who is Jane Dipika Garrett Miss Universe Nepal 2023, bio, age, height, parents, father, husband, nationality

Who is Jane Dipika Garrett Miss Universe Nepal 2023, bio, age, height, parents, father, husband, nationality

Jane Dipika Garrett, a name now synonymous with breaking barriers, defied the traditional standards set by beauty pageants by proving that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, have a look at her bio, age and height

Jane Dipika Garrett has emerged victorious as the plus-size winner of Miss Universe Nepal 2023. This historic achievement not only challenges conventional beauty norms but also marks a significant step towards inclusivity and body positivity in the realm of beauty competitions.

Who is Jane Dipika Garrett Miss Universe Nepal 2023, bio, age, height, parents, father, husband, nationality, Instagram

Miss Universe Nepal 2023 will undoubtedly be remembered as a turning point in the pageant world. The triumph of a plus-size contestant challenges the status quo, urging other beauty pageants to reconsider their criteria and embrace a more inclusive approach. Jane’s win encourages a broader definition of beauty, one that encompasses a range of body types, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

22-year-old Jane Dipika Garrett hails from Kathmandu. She is 5ft 7in tall and 80 kg in weight. She holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Details about Jane’s family are not known.

Jane Dipika Garrett is an American-Nepalese nurse, business developer and beauty queen from Kathmandu Nepal. She is single and unmarried.


She was born in the United States and previously lived in Washington, D.C., USA. From April 2018 to May 2018 she worked for Young Life in Nepal as a tutor.

Her journey to the crown was more than just a personal victory; it was a statement that resonated with people around the globe.


The road to Miss Universe Nepal 2023 was no easy feat for Jane. In a society often fixated on slender figures and unrealistic beauty ideals, she faced numerous challenges. Jane’s success sends a powerful message: beauty is diverse, and representation matters.

The Miss Universe Nepal organization, by crowning Jane Dipika Garrett, has taken a bold step towards inclusivity and dismantling harmful stereotypes. This move not only acknowledges the diversity of beauty but also fosters a more inclusive environment for women of all body types. Jane’s win challenges the long-standing notion that only a certain body size can be deemed beautiful and deserving of a crown.


The era of one-size-fits-all beauty standards is fading, making room for a more authentic and diverse representation of women. This paradigm shift is crucial in promoting self-acceptance and fostering positive body image among women of all ages.

Jane Dipika Garrett’s victory is a celebration of individuality and the acknowledgment that beauty is not confined to a specific set of measurements. It sends a resounding message to young girls and women worldwide that they don’t need to conform to unrealistic standards to be considered beautiful or successful.

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