Who is Ishwar Sahu BJP Chhattisgarh MLA, biography, family, son and constituency

Who is Ishwar Sahu BJP Chhattisgarh MLA, biography, family, son and constituency

Ishwar Sahu is a labour-turned-politician from Chhattisgarh as per his biography

Find out more about him and his win in the recently held Chhattisgarh elections.

After a five-year break, the BJP returned to power in Chhattisgarh, causing a significant upheaval in the state’s political scene and impeding the efforts of the Congress administration, led by Bhupesh Baghel, to seek a second win.

Who is Ishwar Sahu BJP Chhattisgarh MLA, biography, family, son, party and constituency


The Congress only managed to get 35 seats in the state assembly, while the BJP secured 54 seats. However, the most significant upset unfolded in the Bemetara district, specifically in the Saja legislative assembly seat.

In Saja, Ishwar Sahu, who tragically lost his son to a mob lynching, was fielded by the BJP and emerged victorious against the seven-time Congress MLA, Ravindra Chaube, by a margin of 5196 votes.

Telling about his story and the significance behind his election victory, Amit Malviya tweeted on X, saying,

He is Eshwar Sahu, a labour, now a BJP MLA in Chattisgarh. We fielded him, after his son was killed by a Muslim mob, and the Congress chose to side with the murderers. Today, he defeated Ravindra Choubey, a 7-time Congress MLA! He won’t get his son back but some closure perhaps.

Since then, he has become the talk of the town, with many people trying to know more about him. So let’s find out everything about him.


Who is Ishwar Sahu?

Ishwar Sahu is an Indian politician associated with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). He has been in the news because he defeated 7-time Congress MLA Ravindra Choubey from Chhattisgarh’s Saja constituency.

He is not a professional “politician,” but rather a laborer. However, what is more significant about him is that he is a riot victim whose kid was murdered by a Muslim mob.

Notably, in April of this year, a communal conflict in Biranpur village claimed the life of Bhuvaneshvar Sahu, the son of Ishwar Sahu. The incident happened on April 8th in the Bemetara area of Chhattisgarh when a Muslim mob assaulted and murdered a Hindu boy, Bhuvaneshvar, with a sword.

In a recently held Chhattisgarh state election, the BJP nominated him to challenge the longtime Congressman for this seat. Ishwar frequently attacked the Congressman’s incumbent MLA harshly during the campaign, claiming that Ravindra Choubey had failed in his role as a public representative.

Significantly, in the elections, Ishwar Sahu garnered 101789 votes, while Ravindra Chaube secured 96593 votes, marking a significant win for the BJP and signaling a notable shift in the region’s political dynamics.


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