Who is Iran singer Helia Sahimi second wife of late footballer Jlloyd Samuel as she goes viral on Instagram

Who is Iran singer Helia Sahimi second wife of late footballer Jlloyd Samuel as she goes viral on Instagram

Jlloyd Samuel was a former Premier League footballer who passed away in 2018, and reportedly led a double life by having a secret second wife in Iran named Helia Sahimi

Samuel passed away in a tragic car crash back in 2018, leaving behind his wife Emma Pritchard, whom he married in 2008, and their three children.

Who is Iran singer Helia Sahimi second wife of footballer Jlloyd Samuel as she goes viral on Instagram

During the final years of his career, Samuel moved to Iran to play for Esteghlal FC, where he met his other lover, Helia Sahimi.

Jlloyd Samuel brief bio

Jlloyd Samuel was a former professional footballer who was born on March 29, 1981, in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago. Despite being born in Trinidad and Tobago, he was raised in England and played for the England youth-level teams.

Samuel mostly played as a defender and midfielder for and last played for, Iranian Esteghlal of the Persian Gulf Pro League before his tragic and sudden death on May 15, 2018 in High Legh, United Kingdom. He was just 37 years old at the time of his death.

Jlloyd Samuel’s secret life with second wife

Jlloyd Samuel relocated to Iran in 2011 during later parts of his career and kept his secret life in Iran hidden from his family. He signed for a top-tier team called Esteghlal FC and notably enjoyed success there. Sadly, he was deceiving his wife and family back home after he converted to Islam and married a fashion designer named Helia in 2013.


Notably, ITV released a documentary in 2022 detailing the captivating story of the life and death of Jlloyd Samuel. And now, Netflix has made it available in the UK earlier this week, under the title “The Footballer, His Wife, and the Crash.”

Emma Pritchard’s shocking discovery

Interestingly, Jlloyd Samuel maintained this double life up until his sudden death in 2018. His wife, Emma, found out about the secret only weeks after his death. She recalled about the incident, stating:

About four weeks after Jlloyd’s death, my friend said I’ve got something to tell you. Jlloyd’s got another wife, another woman, and she’s just plastered herself all over his Instagram as his wife. I threw up everywhere. I said let me see the Instagram and I looked and said ‘oh my god’.”

Emma Pritchard, the first wife of the former player made an appearance on the show where she claimed that her husband had “another life” in the Middle East with a second wife. He even converted to Islam for her and they got married in 2013.


The two wives even got to know one another while Pritchard was in Dubai, however, Jlloyd had told Emma that Helia, his second wife was a fortune teller. It was later revealed that she was a singer from Iran who still believes the footballer is alive.

Following his death, she took to Instagram to share appeals for his return and how she was continuing to ‘look for him and the documentary explains how some of his family knew about her but Emma, who shared three children with him, was not told.

Interestingly, Emma had previously met Helia Sahimi during a trip to Dubai but back then she only knew Samuel’s mother’s acquaintance. She recounted how she got obsessed with looking at Helia’s Instagram after finding out about the news. She soon discovered shots of Jlloyd Samuel’s trip to Africa on her Instagram, which he’d earlier sent to her. The photos also showed Helia alongside him on the trip.


Unsurprisingly, Emma was deeply hurt, as she was still grieving for her husband of seven years. According to her, things were great between the two. In fact, just the night before Jlloyd Samule passed away, the pair were dancing around the kitchen, with the footballer telling her how much he loved her.

Moreover, Jlloyd had just ordered his wife a brand new car, which arrived two days after his death. Emma also faced another problem when Helia and Samuel’s sister, Leslie-Ann, accused her of fabricating his death. However, following an investigation in November 2019, this was quickly ruled out. Reports showed that Jlloyd Samuel had twice the legal limit for alcohol when his Range Rover crashed into a van.

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