Who is interior designer Dawn Staples ex-wife of Mark Kerr, bio, son and job

Who is interior designer Dawn Staples ex-wife of Mark Kerr, bio, son and job

Here is all you need to know about Mark Kerr’s ex-wife Dawn Staples and their kids 

The first picture from actor Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming film, The Smashing Machine, directed by Benny Safdie, has been revealed. 

Mark Kerr, a mixed martial artist and former wrestler who won the UFC Heavyweight Tournament twice is the inspiration for the movie and will be played by The Scorpion King actor.

“The Smashing Machine” is a drama that depicts the life of legendary mixed martial artist Mark Kerr, who reached the pinnacle of his career during the UFC’s no-holds-barred era, according to the official synopsis. The movie chronicles Kerr’s incredible career.

Who is interior designer and ex-model Dawn Staples ex-wife of Mark Kerr, bio, son and job

The Smashing Machine might mark a major turning point in Johnson’s career because it seems to be his big break into the dramatic acting genre.

After initially working together on the project in 2019, Johnson and Safdie fell apart and decided to postpone the film due to the pandemic.  


While the project is back, the first peek of The Smashing Machine, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson looks entirely different thanks to prosthetics and a wig. Dwayne Johnson is accompanied by Emily Blunt in the Benny Safdie-directed film. 

Blunt plays Dawn Staples, Kerr’s wife, in the movie. Now that she has been mentioned in the movie, let us have a look at who the MMA fighter’s former wife is. 

Who is Dawn Staples?

Dawn Staples is the ex-wife of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Mark Kerr. The two met during the former wrestler’s career. Three years after he kicked off his career, he got married to Staples on May 11, 2000, who is a former Pl*yboy model. 


Following her graduation from Phoenix College, Staples went on to pursue a real estate investing profession. She now works as an interior designer. 

Staples acquired Final Touches by Design in August 2022. The company, located in Phoenix, Arizona, offers a variety of interior design services, including space planning and colour advice. 

The reason behind why the two got separated has not been disclosed to the world. 


Dawn Staples kids

Dawn Staples has a kid with the MMA fighter, a son named Bryce. 

Meanwhile, Kerr is now married to Franci Alberding who is a fitness consultant.