Who is Henry Blackburn Colorado State state safety who caused Travis Hunter his injury

Who is Henry Blackburn Colorado State state safety who caused Travis Hunter his injury

Henry Blackburn is a Colorado State senior safety who is currently receiving major backlash and disturbing threats after making a hit on University of Colorado star Travis Hunter during their recent game

During the game Blackburn received a penalty for an illegal hit on Hunter during the first half.

Who is Henry Blackburn Colorado State state safety who caused Travis Hunter his injury with hit



Blackburn’s hit resulted in an undisclosed injury to Hunter, for which he received wide criticism as a dirty play. Interestingly, despite the penalty and severity of the injury, the official did not eject Blackburn from the game.

Henry Blackburn receives disturbing threats

Following the controversial incident, Blackburn received death threats from multiple sources online. In fact, the threats started coming in before the game concluded. The situation further escalated after a source leaked Blackburn’s personal information online. The leaked information included his phone number, mother’s contact details, his campus address, as well as his family’s home address. As a result, him and his family started receiving a flood of calls and messages.

Following the incident, Colorado State head coach Jay Norvell expressed his sadness at how the situation escalated. He went on to describe Blackburn’s hit as a “bang-bang play” and further stated that he does not coach or endorse such kind of play. Based on video replays of the incident, viewers can see Hunter taking a few steps after the ball hit the turf just moments before Blackburn made contact. This has further added to more complications towards the debate surrounding the hit.

Buffaloes face setback


Travis Hunter’s injury has become a major significant setback for the University of Colorado. According to reports, the defensive back could be sidelined for multiple weeks following a lacerated liver. Despite his absence in the game, the Buffaloes fought back and managed to make a comeback. They secured a hard-fought victory across two overtime periods and won with a 43-35 score margin.

Henry Blackburn bio

Henry Blackburn is a senior defensive back at Colorado State who hails from Boulder, Colorado, USA. Prior to joining Colorado, he attended Fairview high school, and was a standout player in high school. During his final year, he ranked 15th in the state and held a three-star listing.

Height and weight


Henry stands at a height of 6 feet and weighs around 205lbs.

Henry Blackburn college career

During his freshman year back in 2020, Henry Blackburn registered 23 tackles and one pass defense. The following year as a sophomore, in 2021, Henry made 41 tackles along with 2 pass breakups. Last year during his junior year in 2022, Henry recorded 53 tackles, 8 pass breakups, one interception, and also forced 2 fumbles. Alongside his stats, he set the state records for number of touchdowns and receiving yards. He was also named in the first team All-State both as a receiver as well as safety.

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