Who is Haryana INLD President Nafe Singh Rathi (Rathee) shot dead in viral video, biography, age, family, wife, son and photo

Who is Haryana INLD President Nafe Singh Rathi (Rathee) shot dead in viral video, biography, age, family, wife, son and photo

We examine the background, age and political career of the former MLA Nafe Singh Rathi, who died on Sunday after unknown gunmen fired at him with his video and pic now viral

On Sunday evening, unidentified gunmen ambushed the 61-year-old political leader Nafe Singh Rathi or Rathee, the president of Haryana’s Indian National Lok Dal and former MLA, in Jhajjar district.

Who is Haryana INLD President and ex-MLA Nafe Singh Rathi (Rathee) shot dead in viral video, biography, age, family, wife, son and photo

They fatally shot Rathi and two others traveling with him. Rathi and his associates were sitting in the SUV when assailants, arriving in a car, opened fire. It is reported that the attackers fled the scene afterward.

Who is Nafe Singh Rathi?

61 year old Nafe Singh Rathi, a notable figure in Haryana politics, served as an MLA twice and chaired the Bahadurgarh Municipal Council twice. He also held the position of President in the All Indian Style Wrestling Association. Notably, Rathi served as an MLA from 1996 to 2005. Currently, Rathi lead the Haryana Parivartan Yatra for the Indian National Lok Dal, closely aligned with Abhay Singh Chautala. He also serves as the President of the Former MLA Association.


Despite having only completed education up to the tenth standard, Rathi, whose assets were valued in crores, entered politics. According to My Neta Information, during the 2019 assembly elections, his assets totaled Rs 18,67,13,414 with liabilities amounting to Rs 6,96,70,358. In 2014, his assets were valued at Rs 10,36,91,033 with liabilities of Rs 6,88,400. Although the name of his spouse is unknown, sources report that her profession is related to Agriculture.

Rathi, a prominent leader of INLD in Jatland, garnered 1.39 lakh votes in the Rohtak Lok Sabha election. Prior to the 2019 elections, INLD splintered, leading to Ajay Chautala initiating the establishment of JJP. Meanwhile, Abhay Chautala designated Nafe Singh Rathi as the state president to revitalize the party. However, Rathi’s assassination has resulted in a dearth of strong leadership in Rohtak, Sonipat, and Jhajjar for the party.

His son Jitender Rathee was arrested in connection with installation of an electricity meter and the Rathee family had then slammed the arrest as “an attempt to pressurise them and crush the opposition.


Nafe Singh Rathi was a former MLA of Bahadurgarh and was elected MLA twice from this seat. Apart from this, he was also the chairman of Bahadurgarh Municipal Council twice and was the President of All India Indian Style Wrestling Association. Apart from this, he was the former President of the Haryana MLA Association.

Rathee faced legal issues in January 2023, when he was declared the main accused in the suicide case of Jagdish Rathi, son of former BJP Haryana minister Mange Ram Rathi.



Why Singh Rathi was assassinated?

The injured individuals promptly received medical attention at Brahm Shakti Sanjivani Hospital nearby, but the former MLA died upon arrival. Initial investigations point to gangster Lawrence Bishnoi and his close associate Kala Jathedi as suspected perpetrators of the attack, which is believed to stem from a property dispute.

Nafe Singh Rathi’s name made headlines last year when Jagdish Rathi, the son of former Haryana minister Mange Ram Rathi, died by suicide, leading to a case being filed against Nafe Singh Rathi for abetment. Subsequent allegations of harassment were leveled against Rathi and his nephew Sonu in connection with the suicide. Rathi obtained anticipatory bail from the High Court on January 24, 2023.