Who is Guddu Muslim: Biography, real name, age, cases history, photo

Who is Guddu Muslim: Biography, real name, age, cases history, photo

Know the real name and biography of Guddu Muslim

On Saturday, the gangster Atiq Ahmad and his brother Ashraf were shot in the head by three assailants in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh.

Just before being shot dead, Ashraf was talking about one person. Know who he was and why the gangsters named him. 

Who is Guddu Muslim: Biography, real name, age, family, cases history, photo

The mafia-turned-politician and his brother were shot dead on Saturday night by three assassins posing as journalists. They were shot multiple times before police could catch hold of the shooters. 


On their way to a hospital for a checkup, Ashraf made a statement to the media that began, “Main baat ye hai ki Guddu Muslim… But his brother, Atiq Ahmad, was shot in the head before he could complete his statement. 

However, it was too late to stop them, as the gangsters died on the spot.

On Sunday, Ahmed and his brother were buried behind heavy security at the Kasari Masari burial site in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. Meanwhile, the assassins were placed in 14-day judicial custody on Sunday by a Prayagraj court.


Nevertheless, people are stuck on Guddu Muslim and want to know more about him. 

Who is Muslim Guddu?

Guddu has a long criminal history and is said to be a crude bombmaker and he was the person who threw the bomb at Umesh Pal. Born in Allahabad as Guddu Bambaj, he entered the crime world at a young age.

  • Guddu Muslim is Uttar Pradesh’s most-wanted assailant and an amateur bomb maker. 
  • He has had multiple criminal records since a very young age.
  • He was the main suspect in the murder of lawyer Umesh Pal, along with gangsters Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf.
  • According to reports, Guddu Muslim was protected by Atiq Ahmad’s brother-in-law, Akhlaw Ahmad, who was also involved in the murder of Umesh Pal.
  • Muslim was the one who threw the explosive from the bike at Umesh Pal, which he made.
  • Guddu Muslim, also known as Guddu bambaj, was born in Allahabad.
  • He was sent to Lucknow because he became involved in crime at an early age.
  • He became involved in more serious crimes in Lucknow and was apprehended in 1997 on suspicion of killing a Lucknow La Martinière School teacher.
  • Guddu escaped Uttar Pradesh since the authorities were already looking for him. Although he fled to Bihar and was later captured in 2001.
  • Ahmad confessed to having helped Muslim escape from prison.
  • Guddu Muslim’s name resurfaced in the Umesh Pal murder investigation, and the police offered an Rs. 5 lakh reward for his capture.

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