Who Is Fabrizio Romano, Know Everything About The Football Journalist, His Career And Net Worth

Who Is Fabrizio Romano, Know Everything About The Football Journalist, His Career And Net Worth

Italian Football Journalist Fabrizio Romano has consistently been in the news for his reliable transfer news in the world of football, know his net worth and career

Fabrizio Romano currently works at Sky Sports Italy and has a massive social media following especially due to his famous phrase “Here We Go.”

Early Life Of Fabrizio Romano And Biography


Fabrizio Romano was born on 21 February 1993 in Naples, Italy. His career as a football transfer specialist started at 18 years of age when he acquired confidential insiders from an Italian expert in Barcelona. Romano joined Sky Sports Italy when he was 19 and has been working since.


He has a huge network in the clubs, experts and agents all over Europe. Romano is additionally a columnist for The Guardian and has many supporters via online media, eminently on Twitter and Instagram. He is currently situated in Milan as he thinks that it is the epicenter of football in Italy.


Romano is known for his renowned slogan “Here We Go”, which he utilizes while declaring another transfer news. He is one of the most trusted football transfer specialists in the football business. Romano additionally writes for CBS Sports and is the originator of SOS Fanta, a dream football site that he made in 2014.

FUN FACT: Fabrizio Romano’s favourite football club is Watford Football Club who plays in the English Premier League.

Fabrizio Romano Net Worth

Fabrizio isn’t somebody who will talk about a possible transfer and leave it, he will engage with fans and engross them what they need to know all the more separated from simply the overall news that he breaks. Fabrizio Romano is the most believed columnist among football fans on the planet. One of his key qualities is he posts a transfer update if he is 100% sure it will occur.


His life comprises of something like 50 calls every day, alongside following a lot of famous inns and training centres of various football clubs if authorities or managers appear. Romano is famous for breaking the possible transfer news mainly on Twitter.

Romano has around 1.3 million supporters on Twitter and 832k followers on Instagram. His current net worth stands at $1 million.


In this world of rumours, fake news, and accusations, journalists like Fabrizio Romano play a crucial role to make sure every transfer update is thoroughly checked, backed with sources, with all the data in hand.

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