Who is Emanuela Pecchia the wife of Dr Paolo Macchiarini and where is she now today

Who is Emanuela Pecchia the wife of Dr Paolo Macchiarini and where is she now today

We examine the identity of Emanuela Pecchia, who is the wife of infamous Dr Paolo Macchiarini, whom she married in 1986

Benita Alexander assumes a pivotal role in the Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife, having crossed paths with Macchiarini in 2013 while organizing his participation in the documentary titled “A Leap of Faith.” The concluding sections of the documentary unveil Ana Paula Bernardes, the mother of one of Paolo’s patients. However, none of them identified as the wife of Dr Paolo.

Who is Emanuela Pecchia the wife of Dr Paolo Macchiarini and where is she now today in 2023

Both women play a role in the film, but it’s crucial to note that Dr Paolo Macchiarini was married to Emanuela Pecchia at the same time. Regrettably, there is limited information available about Pecchia and information regarding her age or origin remains unknown.

Who is the wife of Dr Paolo Macchiarini?


Paolo, a central figure in the documentary, was previously married to Emanuela Pecchia, an Italian woman, and they share two children—a daughter and a son. The docuseries begins with NBC producer Alexander recounting her initial encounter with Paolo during the filming of a documentary on his groundbreaking surgery—a synthetic organ transplant that represented the first case of a man receiving a laboratory-grown windpipe supported by his own stem cells.

In 1986, Macchiarini married an Italian woman called Emanuela Pecchia, and the couple went on to have two children, a girl and a boy.

As Alexander and Macchiarini developed a close bond, the surgeon took her on global trips, introducing her to his family in Lucca. He proposed to her on Christmas Day in 2013, claiming to have finalized his divorce. Paolo assumed the responsibility of planning their wedding, promising a ceremony officiated by Pope Francis and attended by prominent figures such as the Clintons and Obamas, some of whom he alleged to have treated. He even assured Alexander that Andrea Bocelli would perform, and a renowned restaurant in Florence, Enoteca Pinchiorri, would cater the event.


What happened between Dr Macchiarini and Benita Alexander?

Doubts emerged when Alexander received information indicating that the Pope would be unavailable due to a scheduled South America tour on their supposed wedding date. Macchiarini attributed this to Vatican politics and pledged to resolve the matter, but Alexander became increasingly skeptical. Hiring a private investigator confirmed her suspicions – much of what Paolo had assured her was untrue.

In 2010, Bernardes initially met Macchiarini when he operated on her son, Danilo, in Pisa. Despite Danilo’s unfortunate demise due to complications, Bernardes maintained contact with Macchiarini, which eventually evolved into a relationship, resulting in the birth of their daughter. In 2016, Bernardes uncovered Macchiarini’s connection with Benita Alexander through a Vanity Fair interview. The revelation of the fraudulent wedding and Macchiarini’s existing marriage compelled Bernardes to leave with her child.

In June 2022, a Swedish court found Macchiarini guilty of causing bodily harm to a patient, but cleared him of assault charges. He was given a suspended sentence, which means that were he to commit another crime during a two-year probation period, the court would re-evaluate his sentence bt a year later, an appeals court sentenced him to two years and six months in prison. He is currently serving the sentence in Italy. It is unclear where his ex-wife is now.