Who is Eigon Oliveira the lookalike of Neymar Jr as video of him partying with iShowSpeed (Speed) in Brazil goes viral

Who is Eigon Oliveira the lookalike of Neymar Jr as video of him partying with iShowSpeed (Speed) in Brazil goes viral

Here is all you need to know about Eigon Oliveira, Neymar’s doppelganger has taken Brazil by a storm with him now partying with Speed aka iShowSpeed

When the real Neymar was recovering from an injury incurred during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, his look-alike attracted a lot of attention by dressed like the Brazilian football player.

Numerous clips from the YouTuber iShowSpeed livestream from Brazil surfaced on X, during which he was seen collaborating with what appeared to be football star Neymar Jr.

Who is Eigon Oliveira the lookalike of footballer Neymar Jr as video of him partying with iShowSpeed (Speed) in Brazil goes viral

Darren was dancing during the broadcast when people around informed him that Al Hilal’s forward had arrived to meet him but Neymar Jr. did not collaborate with IShowSpeed on February 19, 2024. Instead, Eigon Oliveira (@sosiadoney), a well-known Neymar Jr. impersonator, appeared on his channel.

According to the Associated Press news agency, Oliveira, also known as “Ney’s Lookalike,” was departing Doha, as Neymar the football player was scheduled to start for Brazil in their quarterfinal matchup against South Korea following an injury sustained during the group stages.

Given his similarities to the actual Neymar, Oliveira was very busy during his stay in the emirate. This was especially the case when he wore Brazil’s training outfit, matching sunglasses, hats, and beard, and even appeared to have the same tattoos.


Using a training shirt, some accessories, and his striking likeness to Brazilian supersta, the social media celebrity tricked everyone into thinking he was the real deal.

Not just this, he is signed autographs and took photographs while strolling around Doha. He has even been known to persuade the security personnel at a stadium into letting him onto the pitch, a report in Marca tells. Oliveira now considers it a job to be Neymar’s double. He has around the globe mimicking the player.


Who is Eigon Oliveira?

Neymar’s doppelganger is named Eigon Oliveira. He is quite famous on his TikTok account with the username @eigonoliver. He has amassed more than half a million followers on the platform.

In addition to making appearances, he earns money by double for players in commercials. Having had several photo shoots with Neymar, he claims to have met the star a few times and that he was comfortable with him playing his lookalike.


Customers used to comment on how much he looked like the Saudi Pro League player while he was a server in Brazil. He now has around 2.4 million followers on his Instagram profile with the username @sosiadoney, as of this writing. Not much is known about the impersonator and his personal life.