Who is Eazy The Block Captain rapper alleged to have an affair with Remy Ma, bio, age, real name, net worth

Who is Eazy The Block Captain rapper alleged to have an affair with Remy Ma, bio, age, real name, net worth

Battle rapper Eazy The Block Captain has been in the news because recent reports claimed that he has been in a relationship with Remy Ma, know his bio, age, real name and net worth

Here’s what we know about it.

Online claims have recently caused a stir, claiming that renowned rapper Remy Ma may have had an extramarital relationship with battle rapper Eazy The Block Captain.

Who is Eazy The Block Captain Battle rapper alleged to have an affair with Remy Ma, bio, age, real name, net worth, Twitter

Even though there is no evidence to support these accusations, talk has persisted that Remy Ma’s purported connection to the Philadelphia-based battle rapper came to light during a match between Eazy and Geechi Gotti of Compton.


In the midst of the rap duel, Geechi Gotti directed lyrics at Remy, insinuating that she had cheated on her husband with Eazy. Papoose, Remy Ma’s husband, apparently intervened during the physical violence that followed this lyrical conflict.

What do Remy Ma and Papoose have to say about this controversy?

Notably, during the battle, Remy appeared to glance in Eazy’s direction, adding an element of intrigue to the speculations. Eazy, on the other hand, did not forcefully refute the accusations, even implying through his lyrics that he still enjoyed Remy’s love.

Despite the circulating reports, Remy Ma’s spouse Papoose has yet to comment on or deny the fidelity claims. Their relationship has had its share of ups and downs; their 2008 wedding which was supposed to take place while Remy was in jail was postponed after Papoose tried to sneak a skeleton key into the facility, which resulted in a six-month visiting restriction.


Remy Ma, who has one child from a previous relationship, has also taken on the role of stepmother to Papoose’s three children. As this situation develops, it throws a shadow on the couple’s staunch and otherwise private relationship.

Who is Eazy The Block Captain?

Eazy The Block Captain is an American battle rapper. His real name is Anthony Brown and he was born in Philadelphia on 17 August 1988. Apart from his rapping career, he has also dabbled in acting. He appeared in “Outside” and the 2022 season of “Bel-Air,” playing the role of Rashad Denton. As his career progressed, Eazy has been slowly building a fan following, especially on social media sites like Instagram, where he has approximately 65,000 followers.


While Eazy The Block Captain is becoming more well-known in the entertainment world, many details of his private life are still a secret. The 35 year old has a net worth of $100,000-1 million.