Who is Dr EA Ruwise arrested in the death case of to be wife Kerala Dr Shahana, biography, family, parents, religion

Who is Dr EA Ruwise arrested in the death case of to be wife Kerala Dr Shahana, biography, family, parents, religion

Have a look at the family, parents and religion of Dr EA Ruwise

Messages had been removed from Dr Ruwise’s phone, according to the team looking into the murder of Dr. Shahana, a 26-year-old postgraduate medical student at Thiruvananthapuram Government Medical College’s surgery department. The cell phone is ready to be sent for a thorough cyber inspection by the investigative team.

Who is Dr EA Ruwise arrested in the death case of to be wife Kerala Dr Shahana, biography, family, parents, religion and education

E. A. Ruwise was brought into custody after Shahana’s family claimed that she went to such lengths because he withdrew his proposal of marriage to her over a dowry dispute. Ruwise was charged with aiding and abetting suicide as well as violating several provisions of the Dowry Prohibition Act.

Jasim Naz, the brother of Dr Shehna said Dr Ruwais had budged pressure on her for more dowry.

Ruwais’ family came home with the marriage proposal in November.

Head of the Kerala Medical Post Graduate Association ( KMPGA), Dr Ruwais got into trouble after news surfaced that the two families had agreed to get Shahana and Ruwais married off but things took an ugly turn when the doctor and his family demanded a huge sum as dowry with Ruwais’ father is particular adamanat about the demand. Ruwais is a post graduate doctor and a Muslim by religion but the names of his family members aren’t known.


Official statement

“After we seized his phone, we examined it and discovered that all of the messages that Dr Ruwise had sent to his friend Shahana had been deleted in what appeared to be an attempt to tamper with the evidence,” an investigating officer stated.

On Monday, Shahana overdosed on anaesthesia at home and committed suicide. After telling Ruwise that she couldn’t provide the 150 sovereign gold, 15 acres of land, and BMW car his family demanded as a dowry, Shanana reportedly became sad, according to her family.

Dr. Ruwise has been arrested

Dr. Ruwise was reportedly arrested by the police while he was trying to obtain anticipatory bail at his relative’s house in Karunagappally. Additionally, he was getting ready to disappear once it was evident that he would be named as an accused party in the case. Ruwise was not found by the police after they had already investigated his home and a hostel in Thiruvananthapuram.


A supposedly written message by Shahana was found by the police in her chamber. But no one was accused of anything, nor was the dowry problem brought up. All it said was, “Money is what everybody needs.” Nothing compares to money.

On Monday night, Dr Shahana, who was born into the family of late Abdul Aziz and Jameela Beevi of Naaz Manzil, Maithri Nagar, Venjaramoodu, was discovered unconscious in her apartment close to Thiruvananthapuram Medical College. Despite being taken to the hospital immediately, she was pronounced dead.

Was Dowry the actual reason for her suicide?

Shahana’s family claims that Ruwise’s family requested an enormous dowry. When the groom’s family learned the proposal would cost more than Shahana’s family could afford, they withdrew their support. Shahana was upset over the occurrence, her family told the police.

Ruwise, the state president of the Kerala Medical Post Graduates’ group, has been removed from his position, the group announced in the meantime.


The Director of the Women and Child Welfare Department was instructed by Minister Veena George to look into and produce a report following claims that Shahana’s death was caused by dowry demands. P. Sathi Devi, Chair of the State Women’s Commission, paid a visit to the residence. A. Rasheed, the chairman of the State Minorities Commission, announced that the commission had filed a lawsuit on its own initiative.

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