Who is Donna Kelce mom of Travis Kelce, bio, age, height, husband, net worth, Instagram

Who is Donna Kelce mom of Travis Kelce, bio, age, height, husband, net worth, Instagram

Taylor Swift was seen enjoying the NFL match with Travis Kelce’s mother Donna Kelce and the video is going viral all over the internet, know the age, height, husband of Donna

Taylor Swift appeared to accept Travis Kelce’s gracious invitation to watch the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Chicago Bears game.

Who is Donna Kelce mom of Travis Kelce, bio, age, height, husband, net worth, Instagram and photos

At Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, on Sunday, the “Love story” famed singer was spotted cheering on the renowned tight end with his now-famous mother, Donna Kelce. She was seen laughing and cheering for Kelce and the Chiefs as they faced the Bears, and she was also seen chatting with Donna throughout the game.


Fans were quick to express their pleasure and, presumably, newly rekindled romance rumours on social media after seeing adorable moments between the well-liked singer and the matriarch of the Kelce Family captured on camera and shared there. Swifties are curious to know about Mama Kelce and here is all you need to know.


Who is Donna Kelce?

The mother of Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce, who play for the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs respectively, Donna Kelce was born in 1957.

Donna spent a significant portion of her career; 30 years; in the financial industry after earning her degree from Ohio University. Before settling in a local bank in her native Cleveland, Travis’ and Jason’s mother spent a considerable amount of time working for Mastercard.


Donna is aged 76 and has a height of 5 feet 3 inches with her net worth at $1 million.

Who is Donna Kelce married to?


Donna Kelce is married to Ed Kelce and gave birth to two handsome kids who went on to become one of the most well-known brother teams in NFL history.

Donna Kelce’s family

Donna and her family, which included her father and younger brother Don, had just relocated to the suburbs when her mother passed away. When Donna reflects on her early years, she gives gratitude to her stepmother Mary, who the Kelce brothers refer to as Grandma Murr, for helping her and Don put their lives back together, a report by People states.

Donna’s stepmother was completely in favour of women playing sports, in contrast to her father. When Donna was a senior in high school, she discreetly competed in track and field at the Junior Olympics and took first place, all the while having the support and advice of her stepmother.