Who Is Dejah Lanee, Age, Biography, Babby Daddy Tim Anderson, Children, Instagram, Photo

Who Is Dejah Lanee, Age, Biography, Babby Daddy Tim Anderson, Children, Instagram, Photo

Dejah Lanee wiki-bio includes information on her net worth, children, career, age, height, and real name, know her Instagram and who is her babby daddy

Dejah Lanee has been in the news because she revealed that she is expecting a child with married MLB star Tim Anderson.

Know Who Is Dejah Lanee, Age, Biography, Babby Daddy Tim Andersion, Instagram, Photo

Many people have been asking us about Dejah Lanee since then. So, we’ve got some answers for you. Despite the lack of knowledge about Dejah, we have created a list of facts to satiate your thirst.

Dejah Lanee is a stunning model and social media influencer who is a renowned friend of Arrogant Tae and Ari Fletcher. She has over 140,000 Instagram followers.

Dejah Lanee and Ari are such close friends that Ari can’t help but not like any of Dejah Lanee’s Instagram photos. Heather Rose is another of Dejah’s well-known friends.

Dejah Lanee’s Professional Life

Dejah Lanee is a hairdresser who also sells wigs on the internet. She is so proud of the work that she brags about it on her Instagram page. While her exact age isn’t known, she is said to be aged between 25-35 years.



Family, Husband and Children of Dejah Lanee

We don’t know who her children’s father or fathers are because the expectant influencer already has two children. What we do know is that she is currently pregnant with Tim Anderson’s child.

Denim and Demi are her son and daughter, respectively. Dejah developed an Instagram account for her children, where she publishes images and updates on their daily activities.

Demi is eight years old, and Denim is five.


Tim Anderson’s Baby Mama Dejah Lenae Reveals She’s Pregnant with His Child After Cheating On Wife Bria With Her Boyfriend

Tim Anderson has been singled out for the second time. What a bizarre way to ostensibly announce your pregnancy. Instagram beauty Dejah Lenae appears to be expecting a child with married baseball player Tim Anderson. In an Instagram video, she called Tim her “Baby Father.”

Who knows what to make of this; perhaps Tim was up to something, or perhaps someone is just looking for clout?

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